Diamond Deal

Diamonds are loved by all but, when it comes to Diamond Deal one easily forgets the real diamonds. This is an amazing online game that gives the players mind-blowing rewards and an amazing and enticing gameplay. This online scratch card game is a must try.

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Diamond Deal is an exciting online game developed by none other than Gamevy. This online gaming firm is a pro when it comes to producing the finest and most amazing online casino games. Like all the other games developed by Gamevy, Diamond Deal also is a treat for the online casino lovers.

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Diamond Deal is an immensely engaging and entertaining scratch card game. With lots of big rewards, this scratch card game is one of the most sought after games of all times. The fast rushing game offers a truly entertaining and adventurous time to the players. The player can end up winning a whopping sum of £1,000,000.

The graphics of this slot game are like an eye candy. The theme, the design and the graphics of this online game are designed so brilliantly that they give the player a feel that he is playing a typical lottery or a bingo game. The user interface of this scratch card game is also very easy to use. The simple gameplay and the big rewards make it a must play.

To win the massive reward, all that a player needs to do is to show 10 diamonds in a row but, without losing the lives or bringing down the current prize’s value. First and foremost, the player needs to zero on the amount he wishes to play with. He will be provided 6 betting options; the more the amount, the more the jackpot. The jackpot amounts are: £100,000 for £1; £200,000 for £2; £300,000 for £3; £400,000 for £4; £500,000 for £5; and £1,000,000 for £10.

The player will see 50 boxes on the grid but, the diamonds are present in only 10 of them. If the player picks an empty box, he loses 1 out of 4 lives. Losing all four in a row will snatch the entire prize from the player.

The “Quick Pick” option searches everything and set the slot game for you. After hitting this button, a box will open in front of the player. If the player finds a gem inside the box, the slot game will stop and a sum of money is credited to the player. To resume, the player has to hit the button again. The game goes on until and unless the player finds a diamond. Once the player gets the diamond, it will act as the “Cash Out” feature. Diamond Deal offers the player full liberty to cash out any time they want with the reward they have won.


Diamond Deal is full of diamonds, a lot of money and big entertainment. Who doesn’t love dealing with diamonds and especially if big bumper rewards are guaranteed

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