Vrugte Warps

A bold new concept brought to fruition (pardon the pun) the Fruit Warps is the latest slot game from Thunderkick. Immaculately designed with exceptional graphics and animations, it is going to be the top slots for a long time. Considering that it has no reels, or paylines, what makes it tick, is the bonus features and the thought of playing a brand new slot, that’s going to make the whole slot gaming take notice!

Fruit Warps Symbols

Grapes, Bananas, oranges, and other variety of fruits seem to drift in space. If you’re wondering about how there can be slot game with no rigid paylines or reels, then Fruit Warps will answer your question. Thunderkick has gone all out, in creating the best slot game yet. Looking exceptionally real, you will need to control yourself from reaching out and grabbing the fruits.


The Fruit Warps from Thunderkick gaming will make inroads, in the way slots are played. It has no paylines or reels as seen in the regular slots. Instead the symbols all drop onto the screen randomly at different places. A win is possible when 3 or more of the same fruit symbols are matched. Anything more than that, will trigger the other 2 ways of winning.

Wilds and Scatters: There are no wilds and scatters in the Fruit Warps slot game.

Bonus games: There are two ways by which you can get a win from the Fruit Warps slot game.

Match 4 or more of the fruit symbols on the screen, to trigger the Portal Re-spin feature. You can watch the amazing animation of portals opening up and new fruit symbols coming out of them. Thus, in a way creating more winning chances.

The second of the bonus game is triggered, when 5 or more of the same fruit symbols are matched together. It will activate the most profitable round of Fruit Warps. There is a separate Fruit Mode for every fruit symbol of the Fruit Warps. You can recognize the Fruit Mode in which you are playing, by the colour of the background screen. With the help of a Fruit Meter present on the screen, you can keep track of the bonus multipliers and the wins. As you proceed through the fruit meter, you can gain an extra life with an additional re-spin, whenever you reach a heart symbol on the meter.

Min / maksimum weddenskap per spin (£ / $ / €): 0.10 – 100.0

Boerpot (£ / $ / €): 216 coins (base game),


The Fruit Warp is an unusual, groundbreaking slot game, that’s going to be known for it’s no payline, no reel format. Pioneering a totally new concept, it brings a refreshing new look to its design, graphics and sound. Play the Fruit Warps, for checking out what the buzz is all about, the new slot.

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