Сөнки Күп Кәнфиттәр

You can have your sweet and eat it too, playing the So Much Candy slot game. Atleast that’s what Microgaming wants you to believe as this 5 вьюрок 25 payline unfolds on your PC’s. And you can make this possible by just making a small wager on the reels.

So Much Candy symbols

Rolling down the 5 reels against a dark background, the bright and colourful images of the sweets are too tempting to look real. Watch the heart shaped candies, green coloured sweets, purple coloured sweets, peppermints and the lemon drops be a part of the winning paylines. The card icons look tastefully detailed on the reels.

Бигерәк Тә Уйындар

The So Much Candy is a 5 вьюрок 25 уйын түләү линияһы слот. The small wagering amount needed to land up to 64,000 coins during the free spins, is from 0.01 өсөн 0.20 for a single payline.

Дебри: The logo of the So Much Candy slot game is the wild symbol which will substitute for the other symbols except for the scattered Gumball machine symbol.

Расточать: The scattered Gumball machine is the one to look out for. You can pick the number of free spins and the associated multiplier, as soon as you land 3 or more of the scatters on the reels. It will trigger up to 16 юҡҡа синов, which will each have a variable multiplier associated with it.

The free spins can be triggered again, with the appearance of 3 or more of the scatter symbols.

Having the Much More Candy feature as part of the gameplay, means that you can split the same coloured sweet symbol up to 5 times resulting in up to 25 symbols, for a single payline. This feature can be triggered in both the free spins and the base games.

Мин / Максималь ставкаһы был спид (£/$/евро): 0.01 – 0.20

Джекпот (£/$/евро): 30,000 тәңкәләр (база уйыны), 64,000 тәңкәләр (bonus game)

Йомғаҡ яһау нигеҙләмәләре уйҙар килешеү

So Much Candy game is a visual treat. Extremely good looking with realistic graphics, you can be forgiven to think that they are real sweets. Plus the fact that it gives decent wins with the free spins and the bonus games, is an added attraction. So what’s stopping you from playing this delicious slot game!