Castle Builder

The Castle Builder game makes full use of your building skills. Instead of cracking your brains about beams, nooks and crevices, you will need just your fingers to create splendid and beautiful castles and win the Kings favour.

Employing the distinct feature themed concept, the 5 reel 15 payline Castle Builder slot game tells the story of a king who is highly satisfied with your quality of work. Being one of the renowned architects in the kingdom, you must build new castles for the future heir, as a wedding gift.

Castle Builder symbols

The King, Queen, daughters and sons are all seen dressed in their finest attire and will grace their presence on the 5 reels. Accompanying them is the official royal architect who will assist you in this task. There is the building material symbol which is of great interest to you as it lets you play the bonus game. The other symbols include the treasure chests, locked doors and bags of gold.

গেম বৈশিষ্ট্য

The Castle Builder slot game is a 5 reel 15 payline from the Rabcat. By using the progressive level gameplay, this slot game keeps the anticipation level high. Every level is more lucrative and interesting than the previous one.

You are commissioned to build the castles on the left side of the screen, with a progress bar indicating the level of completeness. The right side of the screen is where you can make up to 20,000 coins as the game prize by lining up the winning symbols on the reels.

শহর থেকে বহু দূরে: The wise and old Architect is the wild card of the game, who will replace the rest of the symbols except for the building material symbol.

ছড়িয়ে: There are no scatter symbols in the Castle Builder slot game. But as the symbols roll down the reels, you can line up the building material symbols to build the castles. There are 4 varieties of building materials, each having different values. Standard, Bronze, Silver and Gold valued materials can be found whenever 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the building material symbols are seen on the reels. There is a bigger value for the castles built using the higher priced materials.

দ্য Royal Wedding bonus game is triggered when you complete building the castle. The king will let you select one of the three suitors, who is wooing the heir with fervour and earnest. But the catch is that, they will reveal their wealth and treasures only after the royal wedding has completed. It’s also a known fact that the suitor’s value will increase whenever the castles are higher valued.

You will continue to the next building site as indicated on the map. Each level will increase the potential wins and the excitement.

Min / Max Bet per spin (£/$/€):  0.01 - 1.0

জ্যাকপটস (£ / $ / €): 20,000 coins (base game)

সমাপ্তি চিন্তা

The highlight of the Castle Builder game is the incredible attention to detail that the Rabcat has put in. While the graphic and animation are above par, it would have been even better if the 5 reels occupied the whole screen. The castle building sequence could have been placed in a separate screen. On the whole, it is a nice looking, interesting and profitable slot game.

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