Louisiana Double

Louisiana Double casino game from Microgaming is the regular poker game. Differentiating from the traditional poker game is the extra card that’s played in this casino game. Use this one to double your wins. It does not function as a wild as in Deuces Wild game or act as a joker card.
Use your luck and skills to land a winning hand from the 53 cards. As with all the Double gameplay poker games, you can gamble on your wins to double your total win for the hand.

Game Play

Typical of all the poker games, you are dealt five cards. The option to choose the cards to be held for this single hand is available to the player. Before that, select from the choice of 5 coins that can be bet on in Louisiana Double. The same betting range of 0.25 to a max of 5.0 per hand can be made.

Once all the groundwork is done, build a winning hand using your skills and lots of luck. The winning hand is paid out according to the onscreen payout table.

Any one of the winning combinations that can occur in Double Bonus Poker are the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, 2 Pair, Jacks or Better.

The gambler in you is tested after each of your wins. You can collect or double your wins. If the double option is selected, the player is dealt 5 cards with the first one face up. Take an calculated guess on which of the card will be of higher value. Win double your win or lose everything.

Min / Max Bet per hand (£/$/€): 0.25 – 5.00

Coins per hand: 5

Jackpoty (£ / $ / €): 2,500 coins

Závěrečné myšlenky

The Louisiana Double offers nothing new in terms of gameplay except for the double card. Both for the new and experienced players it is a refreshing change from the traditional poker games. Simple gameplay, smooth graphics that’s appealing for all is it strong point. Play this game to have a great online casino experience.

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