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Why the Top Slots Site is also the Best Online Casino!

Das Top UK Slots and Casino Sites – Online and Mobile, plus Beste Slot Sites and Online Casino Choice!

by James St. John Jnr. for Top Slots Seite

With the massive growth of Online Gaming over the last few years, players now have a huge variety of sites, all offering different games and features, to choose from. When the top ten online casinos are compared, however, I believe that the Top Slot Site comes first for the following ten reasons:

Free to Play Option is Best!

Unlike many other slots sites and top online Casino sites, Top Slot Site offers the player the opportunity to play for free. Top Slot Site also provides a demonstration option for each of their games so that the player can see how it works before venturing any money on it.


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Top Casino Seite

Easy to Play the Best Online Casino and Mobile Games!

If, after having tried his luck at the online demos, the player decides to deposit some money and play for real, it is easy: Top Slots Seite accepts all major credit cards and the payment process is fast and simple.

Variety of Top Currencies Accepted!

Unlike many other top online and mobile casino sites, which only accept payment in pounds, Top Slot Site accepts all of the three major world gaming currencies; namely Euros, Dollars and Pounds, thus ensuring that many people can enjoy their services!

thunderstruck-2-mobile-slots1Live Jackpots on Your Phone or Desktop!

Top Slot Site also features live, progressive or accumulating jackpots; meaning players frequently have the chance to win big!

Range of Mobile and Online Casino Games!

Amongst the top online casino sites, Top Slot Site is surely one of the best when it comes to the sheer range of games on offer. Varied and challenging, all the games are attractively designed and easy to play as well!

Free Bonus Promotional Offers!

To liven things up and to keep players coming back, Top Slot Site also runs regular promotions boosting their deposits and their chances of hitting the jackpot!

Mobile Casino Gratis Bonus

All the Classics!

On the Top Slots Site you will find all the classic UK casino games that we have grown to know and love: from Blackjack and Roulette, to Scratch Cards and the classic slot machine; it’s all there!

Easy to Sign Up!

Top Slots Site has amongst the easiest registration process of any online casino, and live support staff are on hand to help as well, should you experience any difficulties.

UK's Favorite Casino Site

The Best All-rounder!

Many of the other top ten online casino sites will offer some of the features that the Top Slots Site does, but it surely takes pride of place when you consider the sheer range and variety of features on offer. For this reason, the Top Slot Site should be considered the Best Online Casino site and is arguably even better than the other nine combined!


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Best Mobile Casino Promotions

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack | Interesting, Exciting & Thrilling + £205 FREE!

The Top Online & Mobile Phone Casino Blackjack Pages by James St. John Jnr. for TopSlotSite.com

The Most Interesting Online Blackjack Ever!

Have you ever wondered or thought about which casino site, is the best website for playing Mobile Card Games oder Online Blackjack? There are tens of thousands of online casino websites. One of the best websites internationally today is Top Slot Site. This jackpot busting site boasts the popular, world renowned Microgaming Vegas Strip Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold for your ultimate pleasure, plus all of the usual online casino no deposit required treats!

There are various aspects to be looked upon, while determining a good website for playing online casino games like Online Blackjack!!

Let us look into some of those aspects:

Customer satisfaction
After sales service
Blackjack Promotions

Beim Top Slot Site You Get £5 + £200 Free! Interesting, Exciting & Thrilling Casino Games
Das Best Blackjack Casino Games from Top Slot Site for the Existing & New Players!

Online Blackjack

A deep insight into all these multiple aspects, will make us realize that playing the popular Online Blackjack game at the best, and top online casinos, is once in a lifetime experience!

Let us look deeply into some of these aspects and understand why Top Slot Site stands out from the other online and mobile casino websites for playing Blackjack online!! Wait – check out Blackjack card counting first!!!


The Top Slot Site casino site is very attractive with more than 250 games, to titillate any individual’s fancy and imagination. The visual beauty and the aesthetic zeal of playing Online Blackjack and its variants at this Free Casino, is really different from those other normal online Blackjack websites, which promise to offer a lot but fail to deliver on its quality – there is Live Blackjack here too!

Play With Real Money Casino


With the best security encryption software and modern SSL certificate issuing websites, that back up the website, no hackers or spammers can exploit the players. It is extremely difficult for any kind of fraudulent incidents to happen.


With a dark and majestic background, captivating and enriching details, the Top Slot Online Site casino site, is one of the leading Online Blackjack hosting websites, that appeals to the casino audience in the most realistic manner.

The Best & Popular Casino Games on Your Android, Apple Mobiles! Play Now & Win Jackpot!!

Android Casino Free No Deposit Bonus

Customer Satisfaction:

Utmost attention is paid to customer satisfaction and players of Online Blackjack at Top Slot Site free online casino.

After Sales Service:

With one of the best after sales team, the Top Slot Site is the most sought after online casino site for enthusiasts and fans of Online Blackjack.


The player’s authenticity is verified by a simple registration process, that redirects a player to his personal mailbox and authenticates his identity.

Online Blackjack


One of the best characteristics of this website, is its importance towards security. The other companies either purchase or hire software from companies like Crypto Logic Inc, International Game Technology, Microgaming, PlayTech and Real Time Gaming. Here at the Top Slot Site casino website, it uses an advanced website software called Thawte, an extremely advanced SSL-Zertifikat issuing and encryption website which makes the website all the more safe and secure.

Some Interesting Points:

The insurance for Online Blackjack in this website pays 2:1 times. A beautiful female voice guides us and lets the player know whether he is busy or not!!! After the free $5 is finished, we are politely directed to a different dialogue box for filling out the payment details. There is a 24*7 email and chat assistance provided.

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Pay With Mobile Bill

Live Blackjack Online Casino

Play Live Blackjack Online Casino | £800 Deposit Bonus!

The Top Online & Phone Casino Pages by James St. John Jnr. for TopSlotSite.com

The Best Live Blackjack Online Casino Dealer

Logging into the Top Slots Site leads us to a page, where we have different types of online games including Baccarat and Blackjack. This is a great website which provides lot of free spins, promotions and bonuses to the players. Proceeding with the Leben Blackjack Online Casino game, we are directed to a different login dialog box. After successful login, we are directed to a beautiful table with the background score and music reminding of an actual casino. Then the page proceeds with the description of a beautiful dealer, and a small box displays her personal details like name, date of birth, lucky number and zodiac sign.

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Live Blackjack Online Casino
Further, the game commences with a real live video of the dealer, in the upper central portion of the screen. The dealer’s voice can be heard and a number of other dealers can be seen in the background. This is different in different versions of the game. Multiple decks are used in multiple Blackjack games and a live beautiful dealer is present in the live version of both the regular and multiplayer Blackjack games.

Live Blackjack Dealer

One difference between the live and the online Blackjack is that, the Live Blackjack Online Casino at the Top Slot Site features beautiful dealers who interact with the players, while an online version of the Blackjack casino game features a beautifully animated and simulated playing table with various options like multi-hand, high hand etc.

Blackjack Online Play


The music that plays in the background is soothing and takes the player into the environment of a real casino.


Murmuring and talking voices of men and women are heard in the background, to provide a real and actual casino feel to the players, right in the comfort of their homes. Every click produces a different sound. After placing the bet, a beautiful voice reads out the card number. Even for demo versions of the Blackjack game, around 2000 credits are given for free, to all the players!!!!

Online Blackjack


The website is secured by a very strong layer of encryption codes and SSL certificate authenticating website. It is a way the hackers and spammers cannot cheat the people or exploit the casino. Since a lot of money and stakes are involved, it is extremely important to safeguard the website from antisocial elements. Live Blackjack Online Casino experience at the free casino site, is protected by the strong encryption, ‘Auftauen’ an SSL certificate issuing company and website. The graphical user interface is extremely convenient, and apart from this the customer care service is world class.

The customer care support is available 24*7 for the players. Both the live chat and live calling facilities are available, for catering to all the customer queries, complaints and grievances. Thus playing Live Blackjack Online Casino at the Top Slot Site is not only safe, but also entertaining, secure and rewarding!!!

Live Blackjack Online Casino

Online Poker

Online Poker How to Play | Tips & Tricks, Up to £800 Deposit Bonus!

Die Top Phone Casino Seiten von James St. John Jnr. für TopSlotSite.com

Few Online Poker Tips & Tricks on How to Play

Playing Poker Online is quite a different experience, even for those players who have been winners in the Poker casino game. With the advancement of technology, online casino games have more or less replaced the land-based casino shops. But for a player, the transition to play Poker Card Games Online can be difficult. However, there are many resources available such as practice software and tools, for helping a player to understand the intricacies of Online Poker Casino games.

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The Best Promos For the Players

Poker Tips & Tricks

Below are some of the tips, that might assist a player who is new to the casino online Poker game. These tips can also help a regular Online Poker player, fine-tune his poker winning strategy.

Familiarize Yourself With the Aspects of Playing Online

Time-Bank feature is unique to a casino Online Mobile Casino Poker game. This feature of the game gives a specific amount of time for the player, within which time period he has to make his move. This can cause quite a bit of discomfort, as in the case of a live cash casino, the player is given only a few minutes to make his move, before the clock times out.

Deuces  Casino Games with Online Dealers

Hence a player should get himself well acquainted with the game, to play using these features.Other aspects that one needs to familiarize himself with, are the layout of the casino site, betting patterns, bonus offers etc. Play great deuces games here too. We are the best online casino to play deuces with real live dealers. Enjoy the best games with us today and earn up to £800 in offers online! Everyone loves playing with us and there are many reasons why. Top Offers, Games and Players Experience – to name a few!

Online Poker

Number of Hands Played, Varies Significantly in an Online Casino Poker Game

The number of hands that are played in the Online Poker, is almost double the number one observes in the game, played at a brick and mortar casino. A large number of hands are played online in an hour, unlike in a casino building. This requires an improvement in the speed of the player while playing the Live Online Poker. Making use of practice demo version, one can work on this aspect of the online game and get well acquainted with the game.

Poker Tips & tricks for the Players! Play Now & Win Cash!!

How to Play Poker

Do Not Play Multiple Tables

One of the advantages of playing online live poker is the ability to play across multiple tables. This is an attractive option, as the player can make substantial wins from a single gameplay. Even though a multi-table play is tempting, to keep playing at them can be quite dangerous, if you do not understand the technical aspects of this game.

The key to managing a Multi-Table Online Poker is to be familiar and aware of the options that can help make quick decisions. Hence it is better to stick to a Single Table Online Poker game until one gets well versed with the technical aspects of managing multiple tables at a time.

Online Poker
Playing With low Stakes

Begin Playing With Low Stakes

One should look to achieve the long-term goal of becoming a successful Online Poker Player. Playing with low stakes would let you focus on the long-term goal, and keep your bankroll safe from the stress of heavy loss.

Play iPhone Poker & Pay With Phone Bill

18+ UK Casino
Aware Gambling UK
An Online Poker and Deuces Wild Gaming Blog for TopSlotSite.com

Live Blackjack

Spielen Sie Live Blackjack ohne Einzahlung !!!

Die Top Live Casino Seiten von James St. John Jnr. für TopSlotSite.com

Spielen Sie Live Blackjack mit kostenlosem Bonus

Die letzten Jahre waren Zeuge der zunehmenden Popularität und des zunehmenden Interesses der einfachen Leute an den Online-Casinos. Der Prozess des Spielens und Verdienens bequem von zu Hause aus ist stressfreier, reibungsloser und harmonischer geworden. Websites wie die Top Slot Site ermöglichen ein so reibungsloses Online-Spielen Live Blackjack und auch ohne echtes Geld einzuzahlen! Die Möglichkeit, Live-Dealer für den Online-Blackjack anzubieten, ist einer der Hauptgründe, warum sich die meisten neuen Blackjack-Spieler für das Spielen der Online-Live-Blackjack-Spiele interessieren. Das Spielen des Live Dealers Blackjack ist eine der besten Erfahrungen der Online Casino Blackjack Spiele. Es wird gesagt, dass das Online-Spielen mit dem Live-Dealer das wichtigste Merkmal des Online-Casinos ist.

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Live Blackjack

Eine angereicherte Erfahrung

Mit einem Live-Dealer zu spielen ist eine ganz andere Erfahrung. Die Anwesenheit eines echten Dealers ist sehr interessant, da möglicherweise andere Spieler neben Ihnen sitzen (praktisch im Internet). Auch die bloße Anwesenheit des schönen Gastgebers verleiht dem Spiel Kraft und Interesse. Das Online-Spiel wird realistischer, da der Video-Feed des Händlers live über das Internet übertragen wird. Die Chatbox ist live mit den Kommentaren und Dialogen der anderen Spieler. A spielen Live Blackjack Online mit einem echten Dealer ist etwas, das das Beste aus beiden Spielformaten herausholt, nämlich reales Casino und virtuelles Casino, und ein Gleichgewicht zwischen den beiden jeweiligen Spielformen herstellt.

Dies Live Blackjack Online gespielt bietet puren unverfälschten Spaß im echten Casino und spart außerdem Reisekosten und Geld. Damit ist die zeitliche Beschränkung vollständig beseitigt!

Live Blackjack Online

An der Top-Slot-Site a Live Blackjack Der Spieler wird nicht die geringste Ahnung haben, dass er oder sie sich nicht in einem tatsächlichen Casino befindet. Dies ist die Tiefe und Dynamik der für das Online bereitgestellten Simulation Live Blackjack Spiel mit einem schönen schönen Händler. Die Einsätze sind bei der unterschiedlich Live Blackjack Tabellen und zu einem Standard regelmäßig online Blackjack. In Bezug auf die Kosten kann das Live-Streaming von Videos mehr kosten als das normale Casinospiel, das virtuell gespielt wird.

Multi Player Blackjack

Was sind die erforderlichen Ausrüstungen?

1. Zum Online-Spielen des Live Dealer Blackjack sind nur ein einfacher Computer und eine Breitbandverbindung erforderlich.

2. Ohne viel Bandbreite zu benötigen, stehen die Chat- und Videooptionen allen Spielern frei zur Verfügung.

Sind Live-Online-Händler-Blackjacks teurer als gewöhnlicher virtueller Online-Blackjack?

Online Blackjack

Ja, Live Dealer Online Blackjack ist teurer als gewöhnlicher virtueller Online Blackjack. Da die Händler, die für den Online-Live-Dealer Blackjack arbeiten, vom Casino bezahlt werden müssen, erhöht sich ihre Vergütung zu den Kosten.

Live Blackjack

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Spielen Sie Deuces Wild Video Poker online mit einem kostenlosen Bonus von £ 5

Die Top Phone Casino Seiten von James St. John Jnr. für TopSlotSite.com

Spielen Sie Deuces Wild Video Poker online mit kostenlosem Bonus

Ein Deuces Wylde Online Gaming Post bei TopSlotSite.com 

Seit der Aufnahme von Poker in die Casinospiele hat seine Popularität zugenommen und auch die verschiedenen Spieltypen von Poker haben zugenommen. Unter den vielen Varianten von Poker erfolgt die Grundklassifizierung als Classic Poker Card Game und Video Poker Spiel. Selbst in der Kategorie Video Poker gibt es viele Spieltypen wie Jackpot, 1-Line, 4-Line, 10-Line, 25-Line und 50-Line.

Wählen Sie aus Hunderten von Casino-Spielen - Roulette, Slots KOSTENLOS!
Spielen Sie Deuces Wild Video Poker online

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker ist eine Art Jackpot-Spiel, das von den jeweiligen Casinos als Video-Poker-Casino-Spiel mit 4 oder mehr Zeilen angeboten werden kann. Unter den Video-Poker-Varianten ist die Deuces Wild Poker-Variante die am meisten gespielte und beliebteste unter den Casino-Spielern.

Kostenloses Roulette, Poker, Slots Online

Verschiedene kostenlose Bonusangebote bei Paddy Power und Classy Coin Casinos

Paddy Power und Classy Coin sind zwei der weltweit führenden Casinos und müssen für Spieler, die häufig spielen, nicht vorgestellt werden. Schauen wir uns verschiedene kostenlose Bonusangebote an, die für gelten Deuces Wild Video Poker:

1. Classy Coin Casino

Das Classy Coin Casino bietet ein $5000 Willkommensbonuspaket. Ein Spieler kann nur zwei der Bonusangebote in Anspruch nehmen. Die Details von drei förderfähigen Deuces Wild Video Poker Willkommensangebote sind unten angegeben:

$1.500 Steckplätze und Tabellenkombination

Mit einem Promo-Code COMBO150 kann ein Spieler bei einer kleinen Einzahlung ein Willkommensbonusangebot von 150% erhalten.

$3,000 Tische Bonus

Spielen Sie Deuces Wild Video Poker bei TopSlotSite Jetzt spielen und Geld gewinnen !!

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Dies ist ein exklusiver Bonus, der vom Classy Coin Casino für Tischspiele angeboten wird. Bei den ersten beiden Spieleinzahlungen, die bei einem Pokertischspiel oder einem anderen Tischspiel getätigt wurden, gibt das Casino einen Bonus von 150%, was einen Gesamtbonus von $3000 ergibt.

High Roller Bonus

Bei Blackjack- oder Video Poker-Spielen ist eine Einzahlung von $700 zu leisten, damit der Spieler für diesen Bonus berechtigt ist. Bei einer Einzahlung wird dem Konto des Spielers ein 250%-Bonus von bis zu $25.000 gutgeschrieben.

Die oben genannten Bonusangebote können verwendet werden, um die Video-Pokerspiele wie Online-Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, Deuces Wild 2 und andere Tischspiele zu spielen.

2. Paddy Power Casino

Einige einzigartige kostenlose Bonusangebote für das Spielen von Video Poker-Spielen wie den Deuces Wild bei Paddy Power sind:

Donnerstags mit nach Hause nehmen

Dies ist ein Cashback-Angebot, das dem Spieler versichert, dass er mindestens einen Teil des Einzahlungsbetrags zurückerhält. Donnerstags spielen Sie die 4-zeiligen Deuces Wild Poker Bei anderen Spielen, die für dieses Angebot in Frage kommen, kann ein Spieler 10%-Cashback von bis zu £ / € 20 beanspruchen.

Das beste Android Casino

£ / € 200 Willkommensbonus

Dies ist nur für die neuen Spieler als Willkommensbonus verfügbar. Dies ist eine zweistufige Bonusangebotwobei anfänglich 100% Match-Einzahlungen von bis zu £ / € 100 gegeben sind. In der zweiten Phase, in der der Spieler die Option "Buy-In" verwendet, wird der Bonusfonds sofort dem Spielerkonto gutgeschrieben und weitere £ / € 100 werden in die Brieftasche eingezahlt, wodurch ein Bonus von £ / € 200 entsteht.

Beste iPad & iPhone Slots, Blackjack für die Spieler

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Scratch Card Online

Interessante Rubbelkarte online spielen !!

Die Top Online & Phone Casino Seiten von James St. John Jnr. für TopSlotSite.com

Enjoy Scratch Card Online Games

It is very easy to play Scratch Card Online, as the player needs to follow only some basic steps.

1) Firstly the player needs to register himself at the online casino, to play the games and enjoy the bonuses.
2) The player needs to place the mouse cursor on the part which needs to be scratched.
3) Then the player needs to press the mouse button and move the cursor through the covered part.

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Scratch Card Online

By doing this the covered part gets cleared, and the player gets to know whether he/she has won the game or not. The Scratch Card Online game not only consists of card, but it also contains slot type of games, bingo type and many more. So the player can enjoy different type of Rubbelkartenspiele as per the player’s mood and interest.

To enjoy playing the various types of Rubbellos Online games, and win prizes, go to the Top Slot Site and try out your luck. It consists of awesome sound and picture quality. They have the best software for the various games and a number of games. It is very easy to understand and play the games on the best casino sites.


Play Exciting Mobile Casino Games at Top Slot Site

The TopSlotSite contains the mobile gaming also, which is the best feature of this site. With the help of mobile gaming, the player can play the games even if he is outside, without the need of sitting at home, in front of the computer.

The Top Slot Site has various games, based on casino, Slots, Jackpots and of course the Rubbelkarten. One of the feature which the Top Slot Site, has is the Live Casino, which helps the players to play the games with other players, compete with them and also win prizes.

Scratch Card Online

The Top Slot Site has the best customer care service. The members are 24*7 ready to help the players and solve their problems. The team is experienced in their work and knowledgeable to answer all the queries asked by the customers. The players can ask their queries to the Top Slot Site members through phone, emails, live chats or through their contact forms. The customer care will respond to the queries as soon as possible, so that the players can play their games, without any problems.

Free Online Cards Games

This website also has lots of promotional offers, which will be beneficial for the players. The various promotions are like Monday Madness, Weekly Surprises, Game of the Day, Spin the Wheel and many more. All these promotions, give various advantages to the player’s and benefits them through the generous bonuses and lots of prizes.

To enjoy all these promotions, visit the best casino site right now and play the games as many times as the players wants to. Enjoy the gaming world in a simple way but to the fullest.!!

Scratch Card Online
Also check out www.expresscasino.com today


Baccarat Online Gratis Bonus | Spannende Casino-Spiele

Die Top Phone Casino Seiten von James St. John Jnr. für TopSlotSite.com

The Top Slot Site is an extremely popular website which hosts Baccarat and gives free bonus for playing Baccarat online!!

Do You Know How Baccarat Came Into Existence?

During the ancient times between 900 and 800 BC, a ceremony called as high-stakes ceremony was prevalent. This is now known as the game “Baccarat”.

Back then, it was a game which determined the sainthood of a woman. This game determined whether a woman was capable of becoming a priest or not. This game was played using a 9 sided die. If the girl/woman got 8 or 9, she was declared as the woman priest. If the girl/woman got 6 or 7, the girl was thrown out of the society, and if the girl got 5 or less, then she was killed.


Similarly even in the game of online Baccarat where we get free bonuses from the casino sites like the Top Slot Site, if the player gets 8 or 9 then the player is the winner. If the player gets 5 or less than 5, then the player is the loser.

Jackpot spielen und gewinnen! Spielen Sie Casino-Spiele bei Top Slot Site
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Baccarat Online-Spiel

Origin of the Word Baccarat

Baccarat is named after the one who losses, because Baccarat means “zero”. If the player gets zero points at the end of the game, then the player loses. Just like the girl who wishes to get the 8 or 9 numbers in the ceremony, in Baccarat too, the player also wishes to get these magical numbers so that he wins the game. In the Baccarat game, 6 or more decks of cards are used. In one deck there are 52 cards in total.

Now let’s see the worth and value of each and every card in the Baccarat game. All the number cards, i.e. 2-9 are their worth value. An ace is worth 1 point and 10, Jack, Queen and King cards are worth 10 points each. In the Baccarat game, the total of the cards, is the points received by the player or the banker.

Baccarat Winning Strategy

For example, if the player is dealt with two cards 6 and 5 then its total is taken i.e. 6+5=11. Only the digit’s place of the total is considered as the answer, that is in this case the answer will be 1 i.e. 6+5=11=1.

In the same way, if the player is dealt with the cards 7 and 3 then its total is 7+3=10 and its final answer will be 0 which is a Baccarat. It means the player has lost the game.

There is yet another way to win this game. If the player is dealt with the card number 6 and 3 then its total is 6+3=9, that is the player is the “natural” winner. As in this game the player should get the final answer as 9 or the nearer number to 9. The chances are very low that the player and the banker can tie.