Pixie Gold

Get some magical gold with Pixie Gold

There is nothing that’s scientific about luck and some magic might just do the trick to make lady luck smile at you and give you the fortune that you are looking for. Pixie Gold from Lightning Box has the right amount of magic to give you exactly this. Coming from Lightning Box there always is something unique to look forward to and this game also has just that. With a unique slot layout and a unique theme the game is filled with all kinds of enchanting creatures like fairies and pixies.

Slot specifications

Pixie gold is a very unique slot game in terms of slot layout. The game at first appears to have 8 reels to spin. But this is nothing but 5 reels looking like 8 reels because of Lightning Box’s Reel Fecta feature which makes the 3rd reel have 16 symbols across it. The best part is that this helps you greatly get better chances of scoring a 3 or 4 symbol combination. So in essence the game is a 5 reel slot game and has a whooping 1296 paylines. If you think the slot layout is a bit overwhelming, then a couple of trial spins is in order because this is one game that you shouldn’t miss if you play for real money.

Mäng Omadused

Pixie Gold has just one feature to brag about. However it is highly recurrent and the odd slot setup also favours the player. The pixies dust feature is triggered when the cart being pulled under the slots lines up directly with the golden star symbol. If it does align, then you trigger a free spin. Though a single free spin can sound a bit discouraging, this free spin has a pixie wild ready in reels 2 and 3 which already gives you a win. Since this is highly recurring you will hardly find any reason for this single feature to be a let down from the game.

The game also offers a gamble feature. The gamble feature lets you take some high risks and can give you 2x, 4x or nothing depending upon your luck.


Pixie Gold from Lightning box is one game that is a must try out. Though it has an odd slot setup and just one feature, the game has a 95% RTP and can give you some great wins. With 5 star ratings by most players, Lightning Box has yet another feather in its cap thanks to this game.

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