Poker Double Bonus

Double Bonus Poker casino game is another variation of the traditional poker game. Using the standard 52 card decks, make the best possible combination of cards to land a winning hand. Unlike the Deuces Wild game, there are no wilds or jokers to substitute for other symbols. The other variation is the gamble feature that offers the players a chance to double their wins on tablet, mobile, and desktop.

Jeu de jeu

The Double Bonus Poker is in all respects the standard poker game. As usual the same rules and game-play are applied while playing this casino game. With the bright and interesting colour scheme, it makes a smooth game-play that’s easy on the eyes. Expect the graphics and sound effects to make it interesting and winning.

The main aim of the game is to have at least 3 symbols for a winning combination or hand. Any win with 3 of a kind or better is a winning hand.
To kick off the game, make a bet on up to 5 coins with a betting range from 0.25 à 5.0 par main. Le joueur est traité 5 cartes. Use your poker skills to choose which cards are to be held in this hand. Only then press Draw. Once the hand is built, the payout is awarded depending on the winning combination.

Any one of the winning combinations that can occur in Double Bonus Poker are the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Full house, Affleurer, Tout droit, Quatre d'une sorte, Un brelan, 2 Paire, Jacks or Better.

Pour chaque main avec succès le double ou le bouton Collect est activé. Le Collect permet aux victoires à ajouter au total. Alors que le double lui prend un nouvel écran de jeu bonus. Le joueur est traité 5 cartes avec la première face vers le haut. Choisissez une des cartes face vers le bas et si elle a une valeur nominale supérieure, vous doublez vos gains.

moi / Max Bet par la main (£ / $ / €): 0.25 - 5.0

Pièces par main: 5

jackpots (£ / $ / €): 4,000 pièces de monnaie

pensées de clôture

The Double Bonus Poker casino game is one of the Microgaming games that are ideal for both new and experienced players. Simple gameplay that’s appealing for all is it strong point. Play this game to have a great online casino experience.