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Baccarat Gold Extra Deposit Bonus

Baccarat Gold Extra Deposit Bonus or Punto Banco is by far the most popular of the casino games based on skill and chance. A simple online casino game to play, it involves two people -the Banker and the Player.

Play this classy game right from the comfort of your homes. Card games have been the most popular of the casino games. If it’s your calling, then you will enjoy this Play Live Baccarat Online

Baccarat Gold Extra Deposit Bonus is a game of chance with you having to guess the outcome of the cards dealt. Played using the standard 52 cards, a new deal takes place at the beginning of each game. The main objective of Baccarat is to get a card total of 9 points or closer.

Each game begins with the player staking his money on any of the three bets available:

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• Players Bet – 1:1 payout that the bet is higher than the Banker’s bet.
• Banker Bet – 1:1 payout that the bet is higher than the Player’s Bet (less 5% commission )
• Ties Bet -8:1 or 9:1 payout that both Banker and Player’s bets is a tie.

Rules to play Baccarat

The Ace is counted as one. The face cards and tens are worth zero. And the rest of the cards are taken at their face value. To win this round only the single digit counts from the total of the 2 dealt cards. Suppose the total is 15, then it is taken as 5 and for 26 it is taken as 6.

Both the Player and the Banker are dealt 2 cards each. A wager on which type of bet you want to place is made i.e. on the Banker or the Player. Once the game starts, the rules of the game determines whether you want a third card or not. The computer decides this by the auto functionality of the game. So stop worrying and enjoy a game of Baccarat. The winning bet will be paid according to the payout rules.

Having a large online following, Baccarat Online Real Money and sound effects. An online help and history option to keep track of the winnings makes it easier for the players to concentrate on the game. Take a bet and win this casino game of chance and skills.

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