Boss the Lotto

Do you want the chance to win cash like a Boss? Do you want your gameplay to be very easy and interesting at the same time? If yes, Boss the Lotto is here to entertain you to the fullest. It is one hassle-free game and an entertaining choice which you can use to earn really big. No, Boss the Lotto is not a slot game, but it is something different and exciting. Here is the detail of this fun-filled game.

About the Developer:

Boss the Lotto has been designed and developed by Gamevy. Gamevy is an award-winning company which also happens to be a licensed supplier as well as the operator that produces a number of high-quality real money games. All the games produced under this name are filled with skill, life-changing jackpot, and a lot of fun.

About the Game:

Boss the Lotto is not a traditional slot game to be played by the players. On the contrary, this one is a mobile card scratch game that is compatible with all the devices. So, what is the best thing about this slot? Well, the answer is its whopping jackpot prize that goes up to £5,000,000 if you win this scratch card game.

The rules of this scratch card game are very easy. The players are given 49 balls out of which 43 are good balls and the rest 6 are bad ones. The bad balls entertain the capability of terminating your gameplay along with your bet and this way you can lose the entire scratch card game. When you click on any of the balls, it rotates and is replaced with the sign of a currency in order to symbolize that it is a good lotto ball. On the other hand, the bad ball is represented by a black ball. Thus, all you need to do is to set your amount of bet ranging from £1 to £10 and to later tap on the balls in order to gather six balls together. If all of them are the good balls, you win the game. Thus, Boss the Lotto consists of very easy gameplay and the rules are just like a traditional scratch game like lotto or bingo. The Start button in this scratch card game starts your gameplay and the Cash out button helps you exit your game where you can withdraw your winning amount and take it away with you. You can also continue this game even after winning a chance, provided the Cash Out button is not taken to use.


Boss the Lotto has provided a fun-filled dimension to a plain scratch-card game. This game has been designed very nicely. All the graphics used are decent and the gameplay is very easy to comprehend. Every feature used in this game is exciting. The colourful balls have been designed vibrantly and the bad balls of black color certainly reveal the dark side of them. The betting range used is decent and the cash prizes entertained are very huge. Thus, if you are looking forward to earning very big, you must stick yourself to this scratch card game.