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Bounty Hunt Online Slots is a newly developed bounty hunting game!

Bounty Hunt Slots Sites game promises you a dose of thrill at every step of your gameplay as you play slots online. This slot is full of awesome graphics, cool features and everything else that you usually look for in a slot game. Bounty Hunt is something very rewarding. Let us know about this slot game in detail.

About the Game Developer:

Bounty Hunt Slots has been designed and developed by the very recent Chance Interactive. This gaming company is based in Australia and is pretty new to the world of Book of the Dead Online Slot. So far, this company has designed and developed a few impressive slots that are backed with amazing features and graphics. Thus, overall this brand has raised all the standards high for itself.

About the Slots Game:

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Bounty Hunt involves a theme of a hunter who is set to hunt for the creatures. This slot comprises of 5-reels and 25-pay-lines that pay pretty high. There are a number of bonus feature. This slot involves a very unique feature called the crosshair feature that aims to attack the symbols at random during your gameplay. These targeted symbols are then turned into wilds and more, which clearly depends on the targeted symbol itself. Thus, this feature never fails to keep your excitement on point. There is also a feature of free spin bonus and you can activate it when you get one of the wanted bonuses of the criminal posters present on the middle reel. If this concerned poster is targeted with a crosshair, the players will enter the round of the free spins that comprises its own features.

Bounty Hunt Slot is a pretty straightforward slot game that comprises of active lines, autoplay, pay-table, bet size and everything else like a traditional video slot. The most unusual feature about this slot game is its use of the random wild feature. Instead of providing it on a fixed icon reel, the wild crosshair is active for every spin that will further randomly choose a select symbol in order to turn all wild. The free spin bonus involved too is very exciting. This slot opens all its doors for you using which you can earn big money.


Bounty Hunt overall is a super-impressive slot game that sustains a great balance in between the theme, the rules as well as the zest of this slot game. This SMS casino deposit slot has carried out the use of the wild feature in a very impressive way and provides for decent free spins. It can be a good treat for all the hardcore gamers.

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