Classic Roulette

Pundits rightly categorise Roulette among the classical games of the gaming world. It is on the same pedestal – if not higher – with games like blackjack and video slots game. The coming of the internet has helped to make roulette accessible to more players.

On the other side of the spectrum, internet gaming has made players inaccessible to other players. This was the situation in the gaming world till the development of the Classic Roulette live game by NetEnt.

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About the Developer of Classic Roulette

NetEnt has been creating stellar works of art for as far back as 1996. For the more than 20 years of this developer’s existence, it has steadily provided the gaming world with a stream of awesome and captivating free roulette mobile bonus games.

This developer creates video slots games, blackjack, and poker and roulette games. It also has a division that is especially devoted to creating casino games for mobile devices. There is no doubt that with the host of talent, expertise and experience at this casino, this would be an interesting free roulette mobile bonus game.

About the Game

The gameplay for Classic Roulette free roulette mobile bonus is basically the same with the regular Roulette. In this, there are two betting areas: the internal betting area and the external betting area.

The internal betting area has the individual numbers from 0 to 36. The external betting area has categories of numbers like red/black, even/odd and so on. Placing a bet on any of the categories would result in a win if the roulette wheel selects any number in the category.

The more numbers are contained in a category, the larger the payout from the casino.

This free roulette mobile bonus game seeks to recreate the land-based gaming experience on the internet. This means that playing here would be the same as playing in a land-based casino.

There is a physical croupier that spins a real wheel and ball. Before you start, you can choose from a broad variety of croupiers. Also, during gameplay, you can browse the other tables in order to know if there are available spaces.

This means that you can effectively switch to another table if you are running out of luck on your present table. There is also a chat feature that makes it easy for players to interact among themselves and with the dealer.


Classic Roulette is quite interesting and full of awesome features. You are sure to lose all longing for a land-based casino after playing this free roulette mobile bonus online version.

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