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Dead World Slot Online

You are among the few people on earth twenty-eight days after the zombie cataclysm and the main character in Dead World, a Mobile UK Slots Online from 1X2 Gaming which is adapted from the comic series from Calibre Comic. The game is quite real and has its equal share of strange and frightening soundtracks. Read on to find out the wonderful peculiarities of this game that could affect your slot winnings!

About The Developer

1 x 2 Gaming is one of the best slots developers that started out in 2003. This developer is based in Brighton, the United Kingdom and was initially into the development of virtual sports betting software. Over time, it became interested in Mobile UK Slots Online and with this, it has developed some awesome games. Dead World happens to be amongst its list of wonderful slot games.

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About The Game

Dead World is a deposit SMS casino slot game with 5 reels, three rows and a total of fifty pay lines. The game makes use of the zombie theme from the Calibre Comic book. The zombie theme pervades the whole game. The symbols are mostly zombies, the soundtrack is eerie and the background to the reels is a mixture of blood and skin.

The symbols, as already stated, are mostly zombies of different hues. This does not mean that there arenโ€™t any human beings in this game. In fact, we have about three human symbols on the reels. They include the ponytailed guy with a gun on one hand and a knife in his other hand. Then they have the gray garbed girl and a black dude swinging over his shoulder. The most valuable symbol on the reel is a skeleton. If this symbol lands on the reels five times, your win is increased by 500x.

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The wild in Dead World is a busty female zombie with โ€˜wildโ€™ written across it for easy reference. You can easily make use of the wild to replace any of the other symbols and get your much-needed win in the process. The only symbol the wild canโ€™t replace is the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is the most horrifying symbol in Dead World. If you canโ€™t identify this horror, the word โ€œBONUSโ€™ is written on it for identification.


Dead World would be loved by comic books fans. It would also be loved by those who have a penchant for scary things.

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