Double Play SuperBet Online Slots Game

DoublePlay SuperBet is a mobile slot from NextGen that caters to those players who wanna win big. This game is all about winning big. So, if you are looking for something casual this probably isn’t it your game. But you could still give it a spin for a round or two keeping your bets low. This game rewards you based on the amount of money you bet and the risk you are willing to take. It’s either go all in or not go at all with this game. But one thing you can be guaranteed of is if you bet high, your returns will be much higher!!

Spin and win big!!

DoublePlay SuperBet has 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. The amount of pay-lines you want to bet on is left up to your choice. The betting range is diverse with both low and high options possible. The amount can vary greatly according to the type of features you bring in to play (DoublePlay and Superbet are paid features in which you have to pay a little extra on your bet to make them active).

The slot is said to be a volatile one. But that is normal for slot which gives the users the chance to win such high payouts. Infact the volatility of the slot is what makes this game more exciting. The jackpot in this game is a massive 225,000£ which has enough lure to make people coming back to play more of this game. The house edge on this game is a decent 4.95%.

And now for the bonus features. They are the most endearing part of DoublePlay SuperBet.

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DoublePlay :

The DoublePlay button sits on the right side of the reels and serves as a multiplier for the wilds. The multipliers are 3x,6x and 9x which you can apply using this option for a little amount of money. These multipliers actually double during freespin rounds making this game a fantastic bet for the players. Imagine a 18x multiplier on your stake. Not many mobile slots can boast of such feature.

Superbet :

If you had the opportunity to decide the multipliers on the wilds with DoublePlay here you have the option of choosing number of reels in which you want the wild to appear. Naturally, the more the merrier. But it too comes with a slight cost. Still every much worth the money as it let’s you win quite a bit of money.

DoublePlay SuperBet also has other bonus features such as scatters and normal wilds which are pretty generic in nature. They can be easily understood as you start playing this game.

Play or pass??.

Definitely would have to be play. If you are looking for big wins then Double Play!! Simply because there are not many slots around that provide 9x multipliers on the basic game and 18x multipliers during bonus rounds. Wouldn’t wanna miss this game would ya??

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