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Dr Love On Vacation ScratchCard Game

Dr Love On Vacation ScratchCard, under the warm and sunny beaches, the setting is perfect for the Doctor Love On Vacation scratch card Interesting Scratch Card Online.

Understandably, the hard-working (it’s more likely hardly working) Doctor Love is taking a paid vacation to the beaches.

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Taking up the popular Doctor Love On Vacation, and turning it into a scratch card is a move from NextGen Gaming, that will catapult it into the big league.

First, there was Dr Love an online slot machine with a lot of personality and colour. Now we have the final scratch card based design from Nextgen gaming, and trust us it’s a corker. When you play Dr Love on Vacation scratch card, Like its precursor, there's a lot of delicacies up for grabs.

Win Amounts on Scratch Card Game

Amounts up to $/€/£250,000 can be won in a single game which is incitement enough to start playing surely. Bets can start from as little as 20p all the way up to $/€/£200, so it doesn’t really count what your play style is as there's still a place for you.

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The casino game takes place on an islet flight, the music and overall theme plays to this veritably well exactly like its Slots Sites machine counterparts. Regard this game as an extension of a slots type alternative which will herd you towards the entire suite of similar games as a whole.

Once you have chosen your stake and are ready to play, simply click on the launch button in order to reveal a grid of nine corresponding panels. Just like your traditional scratch card games, Dr Love on Vacation pays-out for three matching symbols across the entire board. It’s possible to produce further than one winning combination per round.

Don’t look for any remarkable perk features from the Dr Love on Vacation scratch, this is a traditional game and as similar is veritably introductory. There are no perk features or free games in this title, just your standard cash prizes from your standard scratchcard.

The scratch pay tables are utilized to look at all the possible issues for different symbols being matched on the board. One of the only bad effects ↗ about the Dr Love on Vacation Scratch card is that it has a low return of only 85.64. Keep that in mind if you're looking for a game with the loftiest possible pay-out-rates for the amount of cash you put in.

Ready to begin your scratch card game vacation? Select launch from the main game menu and elect a panel of your own picking. You also have the option to reveal all which will leave nothing to time. This game also has an autoplay point which will play the game for you for as long as you like.

Dr Love On Vacation Scratch Card Game Features

Fully prepared, Dr Love On Vacation Scratch, is ready to make his move on the hot nurse accompanying him. Raising the temperature further is the 1000x payout that is guaranteed, in this scratch card game from the NextGen Gaming. All it takes is to match 3 similar cards of the good Doctor on the screen.

The other card symbols which will make your bankroll increase are the Bikini Clad Nurse, Surfboards, Air Ambulances, Stuffed suitcases, Squishy Turtles and get well soon flower garlands. There is a special betting range for getting an appointment with the Scratch Card. It is from 0.01 to 2.0 for a single game. You get a payout ranging from 1:1 to a 100:1 for matching 3 of the same cards.

Once done, you have to select Play or the Reveal All button to begin the game.

Min / Max Bet (£/$/€):    0.01 to 2.0

Jackpots (£/$/€): 1000:1 payout

Dr Love On Vacation ScratchCard Payouts

If you like Doctor Love on Vacation Scratch, try Doctor Love on Vacation Slots with fun storylines and big payouts. This scratch card is a continuation of the previous Doctor Love On Vacation slot. Don't look for any bonus features in Dr Love on Vacation scratch card, this scratch card game is a traditional scratchcard game and therefore very easy.

There are no bonus features or free games in this title, just the standard cash prizes. If you like games that don't take the concept of cash prizes too seriously, this scratch card game will give you a lot of fun. In other words, if you've ever wanted to play free online scratch cards to try and win real money for free, you'll love this scratch card game with our deposit bonus.

Play Doctor Love Scratch with Free Credit

Yes, you can win free scratch cards online with real money if you live in a country where online real money gambling is allowed and legal. All real money casino games that are legal in your country offer real money bonuses. Luckily, you don't have to face any problem cashing out your scratch card when playing online.

There are various channels for playing scratch cards. This scratch card game also has an autoplay feature that will play for you for as long as you want.

Play Other Cash Games too!

Other casino games are also great fun, like live blackjack or live roulette. Many of these games will surprise you with twinkling lights, original animations, and eye-catching features.

That's right folks, it's Scratch time with your favorite card games. It's time to start looking to entertain the lovers and get along well in this Dr Love On Vacation ScratchCard cards game with a theme that combines medicine and love, brought to you by NextGen Gaming.

Scratch Card Mobile Online Bonuses!

If you love gambling but are tired of slots, poker and blackjack, Scratch Dr Love On Vacation is just what you need. Beginners can choose Scratch Dr Love On Vacation because the rules of this game from the famous software provider Nextgen Gaming are very simple.

These 3 reels take place on an island and the overall theme and music of the game is very similar to its online slots version. Scratch Dr Love On Vacation takes place on an island and the player can win on the beach.

Demo Mode UK ScratchCards

When playing Scratch Dr Love On Vacation in demo mode, consider the bets that will bring you the maximum winnings. Like traditional scratch card games, Doctor Love on Vacation pays three matching symbols on the game board. Doctor Love on Vacation symbols related to the theme, including a deck chair, a stethoscope, a cocktail, a chest, a cartoon-style airplane, a beach ball, a tanned tourist, and a beautiful lady. Doctor Love is a wildcard. The UK casino game takes place on the island, the music and the general theme sound very good, just like in the slot machines.

Dr. Love Scratch Card is So Easy!

Don't look for any of the notable features from Dr. Love on Vacation, this is a traditional game and seems to be really introductory. Fireworks, champagne, and balloons are typical of these bingo scratch cards. These scratch cards are filled with lots of fun activities that we can do with the whole family, such as card books for Mother's Day and Father's Day, but for kids.

Maybe these scratch cards are not completely dry yet and will fall apart when the kids use them. I'll try to find a shiny new coin to throw in the bottom of my socks so the kids have something to scratch the tickets with. Except that casino scratch cards are available online and come with so many free scratch card games that they are quickly becoming fan favorites in all US casinos. Under different names depending on where scratch cards are played (people call them everywhere from scratch cards to scratch cards to scratch cards), scratch cards are the easiest game to discover the fun of playing.

With online scratch cards, you can open blocks one at a time, or you can open them automatically with the click of a button. You'll be able to open cards, earn paid spins and have psychedelic fun in this scratch card game. Claim your winnings and use it to play!

Play Free Scratch Card Games Online

While scratch cards don't have the same huge winning prospects as online lotteries and progressive jackpot slots, the instant gratification that these games offer is truly unmatched. It's a fun factor that makes playing scratch cards a complete winner.

The game has great features and good graphics, and as far as scratch cards go, it's the best. It is also one of the best games with clear images of scratch games that really grabs your attention.

NextGen Gaming takes the popular Dr. Love on vacation and turns him into a scratch card that takes him to the big leagues. If you think everyone deserves to meet that special someone, it's time to help Dr. Love as he tries to make it happen for two unsuspecting vacationers in this fun 5-reel online slot machine from NextGen.

Closing thoughts

This scratch card game is a sequel to the earlier Doctor Love Doctor Love On Vacation Slot Game. Following the same footsteps, it’s the fun factor that will keep the players coming back to this game. This new games category will make a big splash in the casino games world.


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