Germinator Online Slot

Germs can be fun and cuddly. That is if you like them odd shaped with loopy eyed expressions. Microgaming sure takes the oddest of all themes and spins it into a deadly and winning slot game. Grouping all these pesky and colourful intruders together on the 6×6 grid you can win big if you match 3 or more in a row.

Germinator symbols

Pick up the oddly cute and weird looking germs on the grid to win big. All the sniffling and coughing won’t last for long as you encounter these germs. Each of them will win big prizes to the tune of 10x times the total bet.

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Game Features

Germinator is played out on a 6×6 grid with the germs rolling sideways, a totally different aspect seen from Microgaming. Another thing about this unusual slot game is that all the 12 pay-lines are enabled for play. Have fun watching as they get destroyed whenever 3 or more are found in a row to form a winning line. The payouts ares as per the value associated for that variation of the germ.

Medi Bonus round is the one which will cure you of all your pains and land an extra bonus win. Pop 3 or more of the Capsule symbol on the grids will trigger the round after all the wins are paid. Get to exterminate one type of germs completely from the grids. With one less germ to worry about, you can win big. The Medi Bonus round can be retriggered whenever all the wins are paid out.

Min / Max Bet per spin (£/$/€): 0.05 – 2.0

Jackpots (£/$/€): up to 20,000x initial bet

Closing thoughts

Germinator is your time pass slot game. Played with a wager that’s suitable for both the high rollers and the new slot players, it’s a fun filled game. Coupled with the unusual theme, colourful layout and fast animations, this is one variety of germs that will not mind being infected with.

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