Hook’s Heroes

Get transported to Never Neverland with this strange yet whimsical slot game that allows you to play with Captain Hook in an animated kiddie version of the story. Hook’s Heroes is a great slot to make some money off your wager while having a lot of fun.

About the Hook’s Heroes Game Developer
Hook’s Heroes was made by NetEnt, which is a popular Scandinavian game developer. Their games are great for their high quality graphics as well as their great features. They are driven to improve the online gambling industry through making high feature games that players can enjoy.

How to Play Hook’s Heroes
Hook’s Heroes has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The theme of the game is that of the Peter Pan tale, and mainly features Pan’s nemesis, the evil Captain Hook. Since Peter Pan was all about eternal youth, this game has various characters like Captain Hook and his friends and they are all children. The soundtrack is that of a Caribbean melody so you feel like a pirate yourself. You can start playing by choosing a wager amount and then you can start spinning the reels and use the bonus features to make some cash.

Bonus Features

Wilds: The wild symbol in the game is the captain symbol. You can use this sign to replace other symbols on the reels so that you can make a winning payline. You cannot use this symbol to replace the scatter symbol.

Free spins: The scatter symbol in the game is the child in the crocodile outfit. Two or more scatter symbols can trigger the game’s free spins round. If you get two symbols of the kid in the crocodile suit, you get one free spin and you have a random feature on this spin, which you cannot choose. Three symbols of the kid in the crocodile suit will give you a choice of free spins as well as any of the three game features. Four of the scatter symbols will give you two choices of the three random game features and with five scatter symbols you can choose a feature three times.

Random game features: The three game features are the fairy feature, mermaid feature and the pirate captain feature.

The fairy feature gives you seven free spins in which Tinkerbell gives you two to five additional wild symbols on each spin.

The mermaid feature gives you ten free spins in which you get a 2x multiplier on each spin; if you have a wild on any of the spins, you can get a 4x wager multiplier.

The pirate captain feature gives you 15 free spins in which you have wins based on the values of the reel symbols and there are no wilds in this round.

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