Jurassic Park

The 1993 record smashing, sci-fi adventure movie Jurassic Park will face the modern casinos in the form of a 5 reel 243 ways to win slot game. Experience and relive the 65 million years in the making right here this August at your favourite casinos. Fans of this movie franchise were wishing for a slot version of this epic movie for a long time. Microgaming granted their wish to finally create a breathtaking, realistic slot version.

Meeting the expectations of the thousands of fans is no small feat for the slot version of Jurassic Park. The dark, rain streaked Jurassic Park is brought to life on the reels all the while sending on a winning prehistoric jungle adventure.

Jurassic Park symbols

Snarling, snapping, ferocious prehistoric beasts roam the 5 reels in 243 different ways while you plot escape routes from their clutches. A prehistoric jungle adventure, Jurassic Park makes use of the actual footages of the movie along with its soundtracks to keep the adrenaline pumping. The realistic design and graphics is expected as this slot is from Microgaming, the big player in this gaming field.

With the movie winning Academy Awards for its sound and visual effects, the slot version has a new level to reach. And it does, splendidly in both the areas. All major characters of the movie show up on the reels, thus giving a realistic feel to it.

Game Features

Jurassic Park makes no bones of the fact that it is set in the wild jungles. Taking it to heart, there is an abundance of Wilds throughout the game.

Wilds: The Jurassic Park Symbol does the regular job of replacing the other symbols to form a winning payline.

A terrific mix of Free Spins and Wilds is the highlight of the Jurassic Park. The usual scatter symbols trigger the random free spins round. Five dinosaur themed free spins bonus rounds await you as the game proceeds. A free spin features is randomly assigned to you at the beginning.

Keep playing until you trigger the free spins for 25 times. At that point you can pick your favourite free spins round. No doubt by then one of the five dinosaurs will be your favourite.

The Random Wilds feature is triggered with the snarling T-Rex appearing on the screen. The wild running dinosaur at the bottom of the screen signals the Running Wilds feature. The partially stacked wild symbols can be pushed on to the screen. The ferocious Velociraptors fighting each other indicates the player gets a 6x multiplier for the wild wins. Also the Wilds are split to give you 6 of a Kind wins (Split wild feature)

The free spins with a mystery multiplier is awarded when the gentle, tall Dino shows up on the screen. In contrast, the vicious snarling dinosaur will trigger the 5 of a Kind feature, again resulting in a thumping win.

Triggering the T-Rex Alert Mode is the T-Rex that shows up and puts in an appearance. You get 35 extra wilds across all five reels and win 6 free spins in base game mode.

All the wilds and free spins feature are guaranteed to win exceptional wins for the players.

Closing Thoughts

Unravelling the secrets of this prehistoric adventure on the reels, Jurassic Park will let you relive the ancient times. Filled with rewarding features, play this slot game in August and pick up the wins. Let the epic adventure begin. Exceptionally designed and executed slot game, with superb graphics and sound effects, Jurassic Park is worthy of the long time in its release.