Live MultiPlayer Roulette

Being alone and playing Live Roulette is no fun. You want to share your excitement with other players as the wheel spins and the white ball lands into the slots. With Live Multiplayer Roulette all this possible as you play with gamers from all over the world.

An online chat box allows the players to chat and exchange tips in between placing bets. There is a longer time gap allowing them to even change their bets or add a chip to any number. Isn’t it a great way to make new friends and socialise.

Live Multiplayer Roulette follows the same game rules as in the casino version or the online single player version. All you need is a good internet connection to experience playing roulette in an actual casino right from the comfort of your homes.

Playing Live Multiplayer Roulette

Login to your casino offering Live Multiplayer Roulette, make your bets and wait for the ball to roll. A live dealer announces the number and the winner. You can congrats the winner and chat with them or the pit bosses. Basically you are placed in a virtual world where a real world interaction is possible right from your homes.

The bets and stakes seen in a real casino are applicable here as well. The player can make both inside bets and outside bets for a single number or group of numbers or odd or even numbers, dozen bets. He can even place bets on the colour of the slot (black or red).

As with the real casinos, you have to wait for a free seat to play Live Multiplayer Roulette. Chat with other players during this waiting time. The camera allows you to focus on the players and get real time reactions from them as the game begins. It’s almost as if you are sitting beside them and watching.

Live Multiplayer Roulette offers thrills and excitement that’s comparable to the real world casinos.