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Louisiana Double Poker casino game from Microgaming is the regular poker game. This type of video poker game is the most popular poker variant and it can be found in many land-based casinos. As for the online casinos, this game is very rare.

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Microgaming, yet another Success with Louisiana Double Poker

Microgaming is one of the top brands that manufacturers of casino games worldwide. It has a large portfolio with high quality titles, both in traditional and digital formats. The Louisiana Double Poker game can be played on desktop or mobile.

The game is available as both video and live casino table versions. They are very similar in all aspects, but a few changes have been made in the latter to meet the needs of live players better. For example, if called by an opponent, you don’t need to click on an ante button before your hand will be dealt automatically.

Microgaming’s Play Louisiana Double online video poker features over 200 instant play casino games.

Louisiana Double Poker is a peculiar little game that can be found in just a few Microgaming-powered online casinos. It uses a 53-card deck, with the additional card not being. full of edges.

In such a game, poker is played with two cards on the same side, and no Full House or Straight Flush pays. As for hard hands like Royal Flushes or straights, you will earn 5x your bet instead of paying even money at 2 to 1 for each pair pulled in that location; this applies also to any flops withdrawn from earlier positions when re-entering them later on (this rule excludes the very top cards like Royal Flushes, Jacks or Kings).

It’s quite easy to see how the game favors low roller players versus the ones with high bankrolls. If PartyPoker or Virgin games doesn’t allow slot play on their platforms either because of community rules or technical issues, you can consider playing this Microgaming-based games at TopSlotSite.com instead.

Louisiana Double poker machine uses of only one deck. Players may choose their own card decks, however the frequency tends to be 1 in 10 or 11 playing cards, given that the Louisiana river on which you will see a new hand is created by splitting exactly two cards during each deal round.

All such hands are drawn straight from this virtual Royal River so as to remain anonymous to your opponents and they can no longer detect whether players have hidden information about. As a result, the more cards you hold in your own hand, the better.

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The Extra Card that’s Played in this Casino Game.

Differentiating this from the traditional poker game, is the extra card that’s played in this video poker casino game.

Use this extra card to double your wins. It does not function as a wild as in Deuces Wild game or act as a joker card. Top Slots Site is full of great card games and fun, here you are truly spoiled for choice.

Unlike with most Slots Sites you’ll use your luck and skills to land a winning hand from the 53 cards. As with all the Double game play poker version, you can gamble on your wins to double your total takings for the hand.

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How to Play The Game

Louisiana Double Poker video poker offers more interesting opportunities to try and hit the higher paying hands.

Louisiana Double Poker is an advanced variation of Jacks or Better that increases your chances of not only getting the 5-card poker hand on the deal but also doubling your payout.

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Playing Video Poker

Louisiana Double Poker video poker no doubt makes playing video poker easier, more exciting and potentially even fun. The simplicity of the game coupled with the innovation of 53-card decks adds something to a standard game that has not been enjoyable to many in a long time.

The Kicker Card in Louisiana Double Video Poker

The extra card is the Kicker. The Kicker card in Louisiana Double Poker video poker finds its place in between the two cards in the draw stack. When it is drawn, it becomes both your first and top discard. This one-card addition changes the strategy for a game that otherwise follows standard video poker rules.

The effect is that five jacks in the deck can represent a smaller prize, while four jacks in the deck can represent a more valuable prize. A player might eventually draw three of a kind and get paid 20 coins with two different payouts. For simplicity, an example game card could show jack of diamonds as worth 25 coins when one appears; jack of spades as worth 50 coins when one appears but same rules on paying three of a kind.

A few similarities with Jacks or Better video poker game

The lower, more valuable deuces and treys pay according to traditional 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker game. The rest of the deck pays according to 4/4 Double Bonus.

Poker Game Play and Tactics

Typical of all the poker games, you are dealt five cards. The option to choose the cards to be held for this single hand is available to the player. Before that, select from the choice of 5 coins that can be bet on in Louisiana Double. The same betting range of 0.25 to a max of 5.0 per hand can be made.

Once all the groundwork is done, build a winning hand using your skills and lots of luck. The winning hand is paid out according to the onscreen payout table.

Louisiana Double Card

That additional card is the double card, and it will show up distinctly on your monitor with “double” across so you’ll know precisely what it is. It can show up either on the deal or the draw. Furthermore it works just like this. It will twofold any triumphant hand you end up making

Louisiana Double Poker Video Poker

The compensation table for Louisiana Double Poker video poker is like what you could anticipate from an essential Jacks or Better compensation table yet with a couple of special cases. Therefore, you can envision what sort of lift the double can offer. It will transform minor hands making them significantly more accommodating to your bankroll circumstance.

Assuming you could coordinate that double card with 4 of a kind, you could partake in some genuine cash gains in a single hand. Louisiana Double Poker video poker likewise doesn’t need any intricate techniques or game theory when that double card shows up. Besides now and again, you’ll hold it when you get it on the that elusive deal, which will leave you with a rudimentary Jacks or Better type operation in any case.

Winning Combinations

Any one of the winning combinations that can occur in Double Bonus Poker are the Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, 2 Pair, Jacks or Better.

The gambler in you is tested after each of your wins. You may collect or double your wins. If the double option is selected, the player is dealt 5 cards with the first one face up. Take an calculated guess on which of the card will be of higher value. Win double your win or lose everything.

Min / Max Bet per hand (£/$/€): 0.25 – 5.00
Coins per hand: 5
Jackpots (£/$/€): 2,500 coins

Initial thoughts

The Louisiana Double Poker offers nothing new in terms of gameplay except for the double card.

Both for new and experienced players this video poker title is a refreshing change from the traditional poker games. Simple gameplay, smooth graphics that’s appealing for all is it strong point. Play this game to have a great online casino experience.

What is the Louisiana Double Poker game?

The Louisiana Double Poker game is a casino game that is played with two decks of cards. The object of the game is to make as many pairs of equal cards as possible. Both decks should have at least 17 cards in them.

If you play the pick-up version of this game then there is going to be one additional card that is dealt face up and it will form a double image with each respective value on those two Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces included in your hand. The object of both the low a high poker hands are basically identical however we do need to aim for better hands so let ‘s take a closer look at the what we need to aim for first.

Here is where it gets tricky and no matter how much you have studied cards or played other games, this one can still be tough if not done correctly. First of all your goal should be to get as many pairs of equal cards in as many hands that are possible, but then watch out because every hand also needs an Ace , a picture should make this clear enough so let ‘s make something clear about these hand.

It is important to note that the dealer deals two aces face up and then turns over one more card on each shoe, your Ace  should be high enough or at least as close with any other cards in its particular suit so it can take both of them into its ranks not just the single player in order to get rid of those ugly Xs which will hopefully plague you while playing this awesome game.

Starting Hands & Common Starting Hand Combinations

We have come up with a few combinations on what will be the starting hands that you should use and how they can benefit from them in our video playing tutorial.

What is important to remember here is not just any pair of cards but we need those two cards that are equal, when you play this however if your hand does not hit either one of these requirements then most likely it’s going to be folded which is quite normal, what happens next is with the second shoe of cards then it usually turns over one card from each hand.

This can give us not just better rankings, but options too that help you make a decision based on what kind of meaning those two cards have in such groups or sets for other poker hands. So do stay tuned and watch out as below we will be covering more about stacking and patterns so don’t miss anything. This can become quite useful in getting the better rounds and ranks.

Again it all depends on what type of meaning those two cards have when they are put together. Let ‘s get into these combinations a bit more as you need to know this by now but yet join me next time I would love to cover our set up progression step by step so stick around until then.

1) Pair – 4 suited jacks + Aces is a good starter hand. This can work out very well as it’s not only a starting pocket pair but this works perfectly for us to use our jacks and then take other of them into the round with an uneven 2 cards in each three card high rank rounds. We don’t really have any reason why these four-suited pairs should be folded so do try using such good combinations that are used by many professional players just keep on reading until you get to this part.

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2) Three-Card High Pair – When you have two packs and a third one with jacks, while the two hands are equally good there’s no reason to fold them as they both get equal cards in their respective rounds making it better when compared side by side against each other so remember not just any pair but let us use those that are 4 suited which is way more than what I had expected knowing mindsets at all for us told to fold those hands just because we do not directly hit a high pair.

Where to Play for Real Money

Although Louisiana Double Video Poker is an incredibly popular game, it’s also available in many other forms of gambling. You can play for real money at a number of online casinos and land-based locations as well.

The best way to get started playing online is to go with a reputable site that offers you numerous deposit options and a huge variety of different games. Although you can play Louisiana Double Video Poker at casinos like las vegas live, angry bet and rakefree2play for real money, it’s usually best just to save this experience for offline (online) playing instead.

You don’t want your first time casino poker experience disrupted because it takes too long creating an account . You’ll feel less comfortable playing for real money when you have to wade through endless confirmation requests, registration questions and forms and unresponsive customer service from the casinos.

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If you play at a reputable site with easy access to player information, instant withdrawals*, fast cash-outs*, anonymity* or other safe features then everything feels better about an online casino that offers this game in terms of safety and security plus ease of use. Play Louisiana Video Poker at TopSlotSite.com

Step 1: The Bankroll

The amount of money you are willing to risk in the game is a critical element. The maximum bet is $5,000 per hand and most casinos allow up to $50,000 per hand.

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Next, Louisiana Double is a game of single-deck meaning that all hands are dealt simultaneously to each player. You will want to find out how many decks the specific casino you’re playing at uses and circle those numbers in your mind before your first purchase with them.

Step 2: Aesthetics & Telltale Signs

The visual aesthetics, or design aspects of a poker variant – including its color schemes, textual elements such as words, letters or images, which music it uses and so forth – has no bearing on whether or not the game is actually entertaining to play.

Much like Blackjack , you first need to understand what Louisiana Double Poker looks like through online casino reviews and then learn how to recognize a winning hand before giving over real money for this variation of poker games .

Some other telltale signs in your search for an easy-to-play Online Casino:

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Double Feature

The Louisiana Double variant has an extra card in one of the decks (taking it up to 53) that is able to double the payout for combinations, if you have it in your hand. Yeeehaaaa! Now that’s what is all about!

I Play For Fun Because… If you’ve just joined the online casino space and have been searching for a mobile friendly site that gives you games with “safety, security, privacy and fun” then Louisiana Double Poker might be exactly what it takes to put in an account. Most of these casinos also offer deposit bonuses , loyalty points as well as special promotions where they let their players win real cash.

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How to Play Louisiana Double Poker – Rules & Strategies

Louisiana Double Poker is a popular game played by poker enthusiasts across the world. The rules of this game are simple and easy to understand, but can be tricky to master.

In order for you to know how to play louisiana double poker, it is important that you have the complete knowledge of all its rules and strategies as well as know about your opponents.

For that reason we have come up with an article on louisiana double poker where we will explain everything in detail from start till finish so that everyone who wants to learn louisiana doublevideo poker may read our article thoroughly so they can understand it better before playing against other players or even if they want just enjoy playing this awesome card game here .

You’ll need to play 25 different hands of video poker. You can choose from the “double or better” bonuses on either side of the screen — as well as any additional payouts that may be applicable in each winning hand.

Louisiana Double Poker Game RTP & Game info

RTP is often one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a video poker game, and Louisiana Double Video Poker is no different. The RTP for this game is 97.7%, which means that on average you’ll win nearly $1 in every $5 that you play.

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Of course, there are always going to be some hands where you lose money – but overall, playing Louisiana Double Poker can be a very profitable.

What is a good strategy for winning at the Louisiana Double Poker game?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best strategy for winning at the Louisiana Double Poker game will vary depending on your individual playing style. However, some general tips that may help you win more often include:

1. Make use of a strategy guide or online tutorial to learn how to play the game effectively.

2. Keep track of your hand rankings and try to use them in your decision making.

3. Try to avoid getting too attached to any particular cards, as this can lead you into risky situations.

4. Stay calm and collected under pressure, and don’t get rattled by unfavorable card combinations.

5. Play cautiously and conservatively when possible, taking care not to overplay your hand or risk losing all of your chips.


If you are a Texan poker enthusiast then look no further than this variation of the game for some great action. You’re bound to find other online casino players who enjoy it as well and on top of everything, its one-pick games make playing outcomes close to impossible!

Why Play Lousiana Double Poker for Cash?

If you are an avid fan of all things Texas then we reckon that Louisiana Double Video Poker is one of the best games to see

up close and personal, with fast-moving action in each hand!

1. A great way to pass time and win money

2. It is easy to learn how video poker works, but it takes some practice before you can get good at it

3. You will have fun while playing this game and you will also make a lot of money!

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4. A video poker enthusiast, we have all the latest and greatest in video poker games

5. We also offer free bonuses for our players

6. All of our software is available to use for free on your computer or mobile device

7. Our video poker software has been developed by an experienced player and a veteran of the industry

8. All our software is designed to work with all online casinos and does not require any downloads or installation

9. Simple interface: easy to use, fast, intuitive and user-friendly interface for beginners as well as advanced players

10. Multiple ways to play: Play multiple games at once or choose your favorite game from a wide range of choices available on our website.

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