Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

An all time favourite among the casino players, Roulette is a dicey game of luck and chance. Anxiously waiting for the ball to fall into the numbered slot, you keep your fingers crossed. Microgaming has made it even more exciting by adding 7 more roulette wheels to this game. Essentially having you place bets for a single table while the winning chance is increased eightfold. With each wheel having a better chance of getting a hit it is an easier game to play.

Playing Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

As part of the Gold series from Microgaming, you are treated with high standards in player options and graphics. Clear cut interfaces, graphics that spells out class in every frame, it is a terrific game to play. On screen help features makes this easier for the player to keep track of their betting and game history.

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Sit down for a round of online roulette. Presented with a traditional roulette board, you can place bets on it. The same betting rules are applicable in this Multi Wheel Roulette game. Instead of one roulette wheel, you have eight of them to play with and the same bet is wagered on all of them. You have the option of enabling all or any one of these wheels to play this game.

Press spin to watch the ball land into the slots. Each of the enabled wheels zooms in to focus on the number where the ball has landed. All the bets are paid out according to the amount staked. A wide betting range that suitable for all types of player, Multi Wheel Roulette is a very lucrative game to play.

Higher chances of winning means the players end up playing for a longer time in the hope of winning big. Creating an eight wheel Roulette game is a stroke of brilliance from Microgaming to keep the player drawn towards casino games. So what are you waiting for? Ready for an eightfold treat from Multi Wheel Roulette Gold casino game?

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