Neon Staxx

With this game, it’s all in the name. Neon Staxx is all about a world of neon, just as what you were used to back in the 80s. It’s gaudy enough to be sure, but the best part is that you get to watch all of this while you enjoy some cash payouts.

Bright retro lights

Neon Staxx is a game by NetEnt. While NetEnt is known for its interesting game graphics and excellent game performance, the neon lights might get to you in time. That and the electronica music in the background, will make you feel as though you are in some 80s discotheque, which is probably what they thought was very futuristic back in the day.

Neon Staxx has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 pay-lines. The game has several game features that will leave you enjoying all of your cash payouts. These include the wild symbols, Super Staxx feature and the free spins:

  • Wild symbol: The wild symbols in the game are the gold and the pink buttons. These can be used to substitute for all of the other symbols on the reels, except for the scatter symbols. You can use them to make winning pay-lines and enjoy bigger cash payouts.
  • Super Staxx feature: During the Super Staxx feature, any random symbols on the reels can become stacked. This can happen to any random symbols except for the scatter symbols. This is another great way for you to make more money on the reels.
  • Scatter and free spins: You get free spins when you have enough of the scatter symbols. In this game, the four highest paying symbols, or the predator symbols, are the scatter symbols. These are either the lion, the panther, the eagle and the cobra symbols. If you get three of these predator symbols, you can enjoy ten free spins; four of the predator symbols will let you enjoy 15 free spins and five of the predator symbols will let you enjoy 20 free spins. These symbols can then become stacked throughout the free spins round.

Why play Neon Staxx?

Neon Staxx is a game that you can enjoy when you are looking for a simple slot game, even if it comes with a slightly overbearing bright theme. The bonus features are few and far between and the free spins round can take a while to get triggered. The jackpot amount that you can win is up to 400x of your stake. You can enjoy all of these features along with the cash payouts, so this is a game you would want to try out.