Pick n Switch Online Slot Game

Pick n Switch is the most realistic casino games to surface in the online world. You are drawn to its amazingly clear and bright interface and layout as the game opens. A simple childhood game of dropping similar balls into the tubes seems the perfect fit for Microgaming to captures the hearts of players.

Game Features

Play to your heart’s content reminiscing the old memories of playing with your friends. Pick n Switch is a simple game to play. Going by its gameplay of matching all 5 tubes with the same coloured balls, you can win a hefty bonus multiplier of 100x times. Eye catching graphics and animations that realistic and adds a real sense of excitement as the balls pop into the tubes.

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Begin the game with placing a minimum bet of 0.10 or go up to a staggering 100.0 coins. Keep your fingers crossed as the coloured balls come up on the 5 tubes. You can increase you winning chances by holding a specific colour for a single draw. With 3 draws available you can make a killing at this game.

Pick n Switch pays the top jackpot of 100x times the initial wager for the Green ball. Yellow pays a 10x multiplier, Red ball pays a 4x multiplier and the Blue ball pays a 2x multiplier.

Min / Max Bet per spin (£/$/€): 0.10 to 100.0

Jackpots (£/$/€): up to 100x times for max bet.

Closing thoughts

Pick n Switch will add colour to all your wins. Take a pick of the balls to win big in all shades of the bright colours. Go down memory lane as you add to the bank rolls playing this beautiful game

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