Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold Online Card Game

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold

Microgaming is the master of innovation when it comes to pulling out random ideas from its thinking cap. Using a simple game of Hi Lo 13, it has added extra spice to the rather standard Premier Blackjack Single Deck Touch at Slots BJ Site Hi Lo Gold casino game.

Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold comes from the stable of the Microgaming’s Gold Series. All the usual high quality graphics and sound effects that’s standard for any of its games is seen here. Interactive interfaces that is in sync with the fast gameplay. Players can customize the look and feel to suit their needs.

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Microgaming’s Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold adds a twist to the traditional Blackjack. Following all the rules and conditions of play, the aim of the game is still beat the Dealer’s hand by landing a higher value that doesn’t cross 21 or by busting the Dealer’s hand.

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The differentiating factor is the optional side bet that allows for the Hi Lo bonus side bet payouts. This is in addition to the normal bets that can be placed in the game. The Premier Blackjack Hi Lo Gold uses 2 standard decks, make sure you check the rules for each Blackjack version as Spanish 21 Blackjack gold varies slightly. for playing the single hand game.

The side bet is made on the value of first two cards dealt is higher or lower or equal to 13, hence the name of the game. The payout is 1:1 for the first two cases and is 10:1 for the Equal to 13 options. The result of this side bet is not related to the final outcome of the game. So even if you lose the main bet, this side bet boosts your wins.

The player must make a regular Blackjack bet to exercise this optional bet. He can place a side bet on all three options.
The game features are noted below for increasing the winning chances.

Game Features

•  Blackjack Payout: 3:2
•  Insurance: pays 2:1
•  Number of decks: 2
•  Hole Card: No
•  Multi Hand: No
•  Credit Chip bet range – 1 to 200
•  Dealer Stands on 17: Yes
•  Surrender: No
•  Double Down: On any two cards with a hard value of 9, 10, 11
•  Split: Yes
•  Re-split: No
•  Split Aces: Yes
•  Autoplay: Yes

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