Scratch the Codfather

Scratch The Codfather cards and become the don of the underwater underworld

If you have ever seen the movie or read the book called the Godfather, then you probably will know what it means to be the main man. But now you have the chance to find things out in a better way because the Codfather scratch game is here. Not only do you get the chance to explore What The Underworld is about but you also get the fun and thrill of playing a gambling game and make some serious money out of it. Scratch The Codfather cards and find out what the game is all about. Rest assured this is one game that will not leave you disappointed.

Game specs

The Codfather scratchcard game is a simple 3×3 scratch game. While things might seem a little tedious when you think that you need to scratch through the entire game you need to keep in mind that this game has Some excellent features which enhance your gaming experience. From the reveal all, autoplay and even the max bet buttons the game strives to bring everything just a step away from you.

Before you get started and scratch cards, you need to choose a stake between 20p and £ 200. Once you are done with this you can use the autoplay feature to play the game continuously from 5 to 25 times in a row. You can also use the reveal all option to find out what the game holds for you at an instant instead of scratching through the cards all the time. After all, you don’t want to lose the pace of the game. The reveal all keeps you high and doesn’t let boredom set it. After all, scratch card games can get boring without speed and thrill.

Game features

It is not just the game enhancing options that makes the game quite fun and easy and worth grasping. The game also has an awesome pace which keeps the player hooked for long hours. The RTP of the game 85.6% but you can land some big wins with luck by your side. All the fans of Godfather need not think twice! They can get scratching right now.