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Grab a bite of tacos and head towards Top UK Slots Sites offering of  Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold. A spicy and interesting variety of the classic Blackjack, you will lick your lips with the idea of beating the dealer at his house. Deal a card value totaling as close to 21 as possible to win the hand. Spanish 21 is another cool variation of the Blackjack.

Playing Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold

Play the game with a single hand for both the dealer and the players. Spanish 21 Blackjack uses 8 standard decks with 48 cards (with the 10s of all suits removed). Leading to a dealer advantage, the player levels the odds if a blackjack is dealt no whatever the dealer hand is. Also the Players 21 always beat the dealer’s 21.

Two cards are dealt for both the player and dealer. The dealer has one face up and one face down. Place a bet anywhere from 1 to 200 credits. You can bet only one hand while playing.

The player can win the game by standing, hitting, taking insurance or doubling down. There is the standard blackjack payout of 3:2 and insurance payout of 2:1 during play. The player is allowed to Surrender to save at least half the bet and can be used after Doubling Down. Insurance allows you to salvage your bet in case the dealer holds an Ace.

The player’s blackjack gets a 3:2 payout and always wins. You can split both the aces and the unlike 10-value card to increase your odds of winning. For more in depth information refer to the online game rules.

The Gold Series from Microgaming has taken online casino gaming to a new level. Accompanied by rich graphics, sound play, Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold is your pick for some quick paced action at the table. Put your thinking caps on and don’t let the dealer beat you.

Game Features

•  Blackjack Payout: 3:2
•  Insurance: pays 2:1
•  Number of decks: 8 with 48 playing cards
•  Hole Card: Yes
•  Multi Hand: No
•  Credit Chip bet range: 1 to 200
•  Dealer Stands on 17: Hit on soft 17
•  Surrender: Yes
•  Double Down: Any number of cards
•  Re-Double Down : Yes – Once
•  Split: Yes
•  Re-split: Yes – 3 times

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Learn how to win at Spanish Blackjack or get your free try

  • How to Master The Game
  • Spanish blackjack gold – play for real money and win
  • What You Need To Know About The Spanish Blackjack Gold

Microgaming is known for high quality game development and Blackjack Gold online has the same design concepts and exceptional quality. It will appeal to players of all abilities and you can take your pick between different stake options.

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Spanish blackjack gold with an edge

The developer of Spanish Blackjack Gold explains how the game works

Winning is easy with a Spanish Blackjack

Play Spanish Blackjack Gold to win your welcome bonus

The top site with Spanish Blackjack games

Learn how to play blackjack in Spanish

Our Guide to Online Blackjack

Read on for some tips and insight on the gameplay of this online Blackjack game. We will share some of our best advice so that you can get a feel for how to win before hitting the real money version. With a free demo, use what you learn to hone your skills before taking it up a notch.

Play Spanish Blackjack Gold for Free

Spanish Blackjack Gold is a deck-building game with a variety of special features that would be difficult for newcomer’s to grasp, but the game does offer an online casino demo for players who want to give it a try.

Since the game changes with each new variant, newbies can learn the game controls and betting systems in the demo offered below. The free demo will help players of all skill levels understand how to play Spanish Blackjack Gold.

Spanish Blackjack Gold Game In Action

We discusses the process of learning

The UK Gambling Commission has announced tighter age verification requirements

Learn how to play Blackjack

Learn more about this free Spanish blackjack game

When players load Spanish Blackjack Gold, they will see the work Microgaming has put into every detail of this online game to create a realistic gaming experience, even including mahogany and leather in the design.

The four extra seats at the table seem like they could serve as a betting area, but this is not the case because only one hand can be played at a time.

Additional audio features include real-life sound effects derived from recording and inputting the sounds of cards, chips, and shuffles that are layered with casino music.

While the option to leave on the sound can be helpful for players who prefer to hear about their wins and losses, non-gamers might get distracted by it.

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What you need to know about Spanish Blackjack

In Blackjack, the game is where players just play against the dealer. Unlike other casino card games, Spanish Blackjack Gold follows the standard rules of blackjack.

The goal of the game is to have a hand that is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. With regular cards numbering 2-10, Jacks, Queens and Kings get a 10 in value, while Aces are either valued at 1 or 10. The suits don’t have any effect on the game.

Players have to place bets on the table before any cards are dealt. Once all cards have been dealt players can choose whether or not they want another card dealt to them, which will increase their chances of winning. If two cards of the same value are dealt in one hand players can opt to split that hand and increase their chances of winning.

Spanish Blackjack Gold offers fair odds of 99.51%. For a blackjack game, this offer very high probabilities for the player and is in their favor. Players will be happy to know that the game is exactly how it would be played at a real casinos in Spain.

Spanish Blackjack Gold offers a wide range of bets from £1 all the way up to £200, which means that it is a game for those who want to be on the safer side or those looking for bigger wins.

RTP goes from a single deck to Spanish Blackjack exclusively

Learn where to find the best online casino for Spanish Blackjack

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Dealer Hits Soft 17 in Spanish Blackjack

  • Side Bets in Spanish Blackjack
  • Watch what you do
  • How To Win More At Spanish Blackjack
  • Top Slot Site for Spanish Blackjack

There are standard online Blackjack features in easy-to-use formats. BlackJack Gold does not try to innovate with special features or cutting edge functionality, instead it provides a wealth of traditional online Blackjack games.

When playing and betting, players can take advantage of two special gambling features, which can potentially increase their winnings when used strategically. Firstly, a player can double down on the first cards they are dealt by doubling their bet, which then automatically deals another card into the players hand.

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By placing an insurance bet, players can eliminate the risk of losing their regular bets if the dealer’s card is dealt as an Ace. Insurance bets offer a 2:1 payout to players with a half price charge.

Spanish Blackjack has two features that help players to speed up play. The Quick Deal feature allows the dealer to deal out cards at a faster pace, while Automatically re-bets your previous bets at the end of each hand.

Enjoy Spanish Blackjack Gold for Real Money

Spanish Blackjack Gold, created for players who want a well-designed and easy to understand version of online blackjack, is the ultimate game as it was crafted with incredible consideration given to game design and ease of play.

Microgaming has ensured that their games make it simple for players who might be new to the game by creating intuitive features that don’t require extensive learning.

After playing a demo of this casino game, you should be well equipped to play for real. This Spanish Blackjack game has the same odds as other popular casino games like blackjack and roulette, so if you’re interested in trying out a new strategy or game for fun then check it out.

If you are now interested in playing other versions of the card game, you can check out our reviews of blackjack games, as well as open a player account on Spanish Blackjack Gold.

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What you should know before playing Spanish Blackjack

Discover how to master the game with Spanish Blackjack Gold

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How To Play & Get Paid

How to use our latest TopSlotSite Blackjack Code

Read this review from a Spanish gambling expert

Microgaming is innovating on their high standard of online blackjack games with the release of Spanish Blackjack Gold. With great design aspects and a fun gameplay, this game will be exciting for players from all abilities.

Guide to winning at Spanish Blackjack

How to win at a game of blackjack

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TopSlotSite welcomes you with this user-friendly blackjack site

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Uses The Card Counting Method To Win

Play Spanish Blackjack Gold at Top Slot Site Casino

Watch out for our Spanish Blackjack Gold review to learn about this new game of online Blackjack. We will offer some helpful tips and talk about the rules, tricks to win and special features that you might want to try out before playing on a real money account. With a free demo, feel free to practice your moves before playing with what’s at stake

Start playing Spanish Blackjack Gold for Free in minutes

One of the special features of Spanish Blackjack Gold is that it offers a wide selection of special events and strategies involved in blackjack. We recommend players take a chance to play some demo games because of this.

There are likely to be differences even for experienced Blackjack players every time you play a new game. A demo game gives players of all skill levels the opportunity to get a feel for the controls and betting systems. Gold is available for free in the demo game, see below for details.

How to use Spanish Blackjack Gold

How to play the Spanish Blackjack

UK Gambling Commission asks players to provide age verification to play demo games

Find out why Spanish Blackjack Gold is a great blackjack web site

Play Blackjack and Win More Money at Spanish blackjack

When loading Spanish Blackjack Gold online, players can notice the time and effort that Microgaming put into the game’s design. It even includes mahogany and leather trim to the player’s card table.

Some players might be confused about this table since the seats appear like they could be used to gamble. The seat is not part of a poker game and cannot be played with other hands. it is just an aesthetic addition.

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Other features in Spanish Blackjack Gold that players will notice include ambient casino music with real-life sounds coming from the play background, as well as sound effects that mirror the real actions of the game.

The soundtrack and ambient noise of the online casino is a nice attempt in bringing closer to the real-life experience of playing in a casino, but some players may prefer silence that they can turn off in the options menu.

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  • Visit the site with these features specific to Spanish Blackjack

Blackjack Gold uses the traditional rules of blackjack: unlike other card games, you don’t play against each other. You just play against the dealer.

The goal of the game is to have a hand that is closer to 21, while the dealer has a hand that does not exceed 21. The numerical value of cards 2-10 remain their usual values, but Jacks, Queens, and Kings are now given a value of 10. Aces now range from either a value of 1 or 10. The suit each card’s values is irrelevant in Blackjack.

To start the game players bet on the table and then receive cards until a round is complete. The final hand’s value is determined by how many times you were hit with a card or split one of your hands. Either way, you can increase your chances of winning by splitting a hand and seeing another card.

The Spanish Blackjack Gold online game offers a healthy return of 99.51%. This RTP is also high for online Blackjack and is massively in the player’s favor. Players should be assured that this version of online Blackjack offers very fair odds.

Spanish Blackjack Gold appeals to players with a low and high-stakes gambling experience. You can initially bet from £1 to £200, making this machine reliable for both novice gamblers as well as professional gamblers looking for big bets.

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  • Double after split
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  • What to do when the dealer goes 17
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  • Top Slot Site for winning blackjack

Spanish Blackjack Gold offers standard online Blackjack features in easy to use formats.

When playing players can potentially benefit from two special betting features. The first one is doubling on the first hand you’re dealt, which doubles the amount of money you’ve already wagered and the next hand will be dealt into your hand automatically. The other one is redrawing, which allows you to create a new hand by drawing a card or removing up to three cards depending on how much money you’re willing to risk.

Betting on the dealer. Second, an insurance bet allows players to bet on the dealer, who has to be dealt an Ace during game play. For example, if you bet $10 and the dealer deals an Ace as their first card, you would win $20 from your original $10 meager wager.

Spanish Blackjack Gold online has also added two features that help speed things up- Quick Deal speeds up the dealer’s hands, while Auto-Rebet automatically resets bets at the end of each hand.

Play Spanish Blackjack Gold with money and win

Players who want a quality version of Blackjack can look no further than Spanish Blackjack Gold. Designed with leaderboard features that allow active competition, and simple metrics that are easy to understand, Spanish Blackjack Gold is the perfect blackjack for skilled and inexperienced players alike.

Microgaming has focused on making Microgaming Mobile a lighting fast version of classic table games with a streamlined user interface which makes it easier for players new to the game.

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After playing a demo hand, players should be ready to take the next step and play the full game for real money. The review found on this site can prepare you for that level of play.

Our review of other versions of the card game is being posted here. You can also check out our recommendations for where to play Spanish Blackjack Gold and also find out about the best slot machine sites.


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