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Starburst Slots Brief Initial Review: (Full Review Below Brief Review!)

Get set for an intergalactic adventure wherever you are with Starburst Touch Online Slot!

Starburst Slots & Touch Online Slot is one of NetEnt’s most highly acclaimed games and now NetEnt touch has developed the game to be available across all handheld devices like your mobile phones and tablets the name Starburst Touch.

The game has only one feature which can be slightly disappointing to the people who are used to playing slot games with too many features and have a mindset of “The more the merrier”. When it comes to this game, there is just one feature which is the Starburst wild. But the feature is really rewarding and the motto that people should be following for this game is “Short and Sweet”!

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Slot specifications

Being more than a simple Carnaval Mobile Slot, Graphic compromising is not a popular thing done by developers to ensure a smooth gameplay.

And NetEnt has done no such thing with Starburst touch and the game has some really mesmerizing animations and graphics that go well with the theme.

The game also has excellent sound effects, but the easy playability of the game is what makes it an awesome game to play. The game is a 5 reel and 10 pay lines slot game, but it has the both ways win feature which essentially gives you the benefit of having a 20 pay line game. The slot game is a low volatile one and has a flexible stake range between 10p to £ 100.

Game features

Starburst touch only has one feature to boast about, but it is very frequent and highly rewarding and can keep your meet your appetite for fun.

The Starburst wild feature is triggered whenever you get the starburst symbol on your reels. This symbol only comes in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel. While it can come on one reel or all reels at the same time, you will find that things can get pretty exciting when you get this symbol on just one reel. The symbol is in essence, an expanding wild and covers up the whole reel. What’s best is you get a free spin right after you get the symbol on your play screen. So when you get three of these symbols together, you get 3 reels full of wilds and 3 free spins too!

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Starburst touch is a fun slot game with really great graphics for a mobile slot game. The game has an RTP of 96.1% and has a 50,000 coin win as the maximum limit. Though the game has only one feature, you will find that it is highly recurrent and that there is actually no room for any better feature! The theme is fun and the game is apt to while away your time no matter what mood you are in!

Top Slot Ultimate Starburst Review in Full!

Starburst Online Slot

The classic fruit machine Starburst slot has evolved over the last 20 years and remains one of the most popular slots today. It’s easy to play, even easier to win makes it perfect for anyone looking for a pay-line game with low volatility.

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The visuals in Starburst online slot game are extremely colorful and striking. The graphics of the reel spinning is realistic, as well as its animations when picking up wins or when you have a winning combo. It helps players to understand the features better too! This is a great choice for frequent wins and low volatility!

Starburst is a retro-themed online slot machine developed and produced by Net Entertainment. It was first released in 2014, has so far been available for numerous platforms (including iOS, Android & Desktop) and continues to be immensely popular with players of all ages. The concept of the game is quite simple – you will have ten lines that can hold five images from your chosen category plus one wild card symbol; there are no additional features or hidden elements in this game apart from the classic bell sound.

Graphics and audio? Absolute stars

The graphics and audio of the game are very well designed. The graphics are appealing to the eyes, while a background music makes you feel like you’re in a casino or something. A starburst is not just a bright burst but also has some cool features that can make your winnings big time!

To play Starburst Online Slot, you need to press the ‘Spin’ button on your screen. You will see 5 reels which are yellow in color with a row of sparkling gold stars being displayed at the top left corner of each reel. As soon as you start playing this game, it automatically spins round and begins spinning around taking into consideration all five reels including their lines and positions shifting here and there while they line up together firmly getting them ready for showing wins!

There are many jewels-based slot machines in online casinos. Starburst premium game is one of the best jewels casino games that has five reels, three rows and ten pay lines. It offers high volatility as well as a great set of bonus features such as expanding wilds and re-spins.

Online Slots Starburst Slot Machine Respin the Bar Symbol & Wild Gems Special Features Spin Button

Five-reel real money bar symbol online casino, There are five reels and 25 pay lines in the Starburst slot machine. The reel layout is shown above, with a real money bar on the bottom of the screen.

The starburst logo appears on every other line, along with one wild symbol (Substitution Bonus Feature: The Wild can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination).

There are also three scatter symbols – two silver stars and one gold star – which will pay out if they appear anywhere on the screen during play. Finally, there’s a spin button at the top of the screen to activate re-spins; when it’s pressed, all the symbols on the screen will change.

One of the most important features of this slot machine is the Substitution Bonus Feature. Whenever a wild symbol appears – which can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning combination – it doubles your winnings! This bonus feature can be triggered by pressing the spin button at the top of the screen; once activated, all symbols onscreen will change and you’ll be awarded double your normal amount based on where they appear.

There are a total of 126 winning combinations in the Starburst slot machine, so it’s definitely worth testing out. With five reels and 25 pay lines, there’s plenty of potential to winnings here – make sure you spin the wild gems for some great rewards!

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Best Starburst Online Casinos That Offer NetEnt Games:

Top Slot Site is one of the best casinos that offer Netent games. The casino offers a large variety of slots and table games. This makes it one of the best online casinos to play Netent games at.

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There are over 1000 slot machines, and 30 different table game options, including blackjack and roulette in addition to video poker variants like Deuces Wilds Poker Deluxe, Jacks or Better Double Bonus Poker and Joker Card Draw Blackjack.

Starburst is a starburst slot machine that has been designed by the NetEnt gaming software company. It is one of the most popular online slots in Australia and New Zealand, which also has some very interesting features.

Starburst Online Slot can be played for free or real money with no deposit required and it uses two-reel (3 rows) format. The starburst feature is an element of mystery in this game because you have to choose five identical symbols from 20 possible combinations at random to trigger a star burst effect on all 5 reels.

Mobile version of starburst online slot

The mobile version of the starburst online slot is just a pay by mobile phone slots version of the starburst fruit machine that has been created by “Net Entertainment” company.

The mobile devices are not compatible with the desktop versions and thus many people may find this type of game inconvenient to play, although there some casinos offering free bonus credits if you sign up through their smartphone apps, which gives them an advantage over other sites as they probably have more loyal players than those who do it via web browsers.

The starburst online slot is a fresh new addition to the android and iOS mobile phones and offers players some exciting features such as with win both ways, and expanding wilds; it also has a feature that allows any player to strike three or more scatter symbols in order to trigger the expanded wild symbol on each reel.

Like all online slot machines, starburst is played using spinning reels

Starburst is a new kid on the block when it comes to slot machine games. The original game was launched in 2003 and used 3D graphics technology. This means the player can enjoy an engaging and colourful gaming experience, which has proven popular with players of all ages. There are various ways you can play this slot, including free spin mode where you have just one chance during that round at winning big money prizes while there are progressive jackpot slots available too if your bankroll allows them to enter.

The tablet-compatible slot game is famous for its glittering starburst of colourful gems. The background and the symbols are a mix of golden glints, sparkling lights and beautiful colours including blue, green, red and yellow. The prizes can also include cash bonuses of up to 50 000 coins!

starburst is a 5-reel, 10-line top video slots website game with scatter and bonus icons acting as wilds. The wager level determines how high the wager will be in credits which trigger wins during gameplay.

The Starburst slot comes with five reels bursting with brilliance and winning pay line. The winning pay line is random, just like the other symbols during gameplay but it happens on every single spin. You can enjoy up to 6 free spins after you have won 5 consecutive lines of 3 or more scatter symbols in any order across the pay lines!

Starburst the slot by Netent is a popular and one of the best progressive slots around. Starburst features various bonuses, autoplay options with enhanced gameplay to get more out of every spin and multiple winning combinations that can be achieved during each play!

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Starburst Slot: Play this Super-Famous Slot by NetEnt with Bonus

Top Slot There’s no need to be coy about what Starburst is all about. This 5 reel, 20 pay line slot machine with a starburst feature is well-known and loved by players around the world for its exciting gameplay and mind-blowing graphics. So if you like to Gamble casually then this might just be your match! But as always, we recommend that you monitor any potential losses carefully before committing funds – there’s nothing worse than losing money on an online slot machine!

But fret not, because at Top Slot Sites, the best site for slots online, we want to make sure that you have plenty of other options to choose from when it comes to finding the best online slots that you can play for real money. So whether you love fruit machines, classic slots or even a bit of both, Top Slot has got what you’re looking for!

Starburst basics

Play Starburst Online Slot for Free or Real Money at

If you love classic 5 reel slot machines and feature games then you’ll love playing Starburst online slot for free or real money at!

This NetEnt game has a star burst feature that adds an element of mystery to the game, as players must choose five identical symbols from 20 possible combinations to trigger the effect. The winning payouts are high with up to 1000x bet opportunities available on this popular UK, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand online slots machine, so sign up today and get ready for some serious fun!

How Does Starburst Slot Work?

Each Starburst slot game features 25 lines of free spins with a potential for up to £5000 in bonus cash. There are three rows and five columns on each random reels, so you can land anywhere from one coin up to five coins per line. The object is to form a complete star across all the active pay-lines, and when this is achieved the Bonus Feature activates – awarding multipliers until theBonus Feature reset occurs or all winnings are awarded.

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1. What are the Starburst slot game’s payout percentages?

The Starburst slot game has a jackpot payout of 96.7%, and the rest of your winnings are paid out according to the following percentages:

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• 3 lines – 25%

• 2 lines – 20%

• 1 line – 15%

2. How many reels and lines are in a Starburst slot game?

The Starburst slot game features 25 reels and 5 active pay lines, offering up to a potential payout of between 100x your stake.

3. What is the best paying symbol in Starburst?

The highest-paying symbol for any given line type is either the wild Crypt on reel 3 or the scatter Wild Magician’s Cap on both reels 1 & 2 (depending on whether you are betting Fixed Odds) – but ultimately only one will be excluded if they can match all five symbols substituting into that specific combination! Grab these extra Chaos points when you play this truly special version of

3. What are the Starburst slot machine’s wild symbols?

The Starburst slot machine features 3 wild symbols – a Crypt, a Wild Magician’s Cap and a Dragon.

The aim of the game is to land as many symbols across all 5 active pay lines for cash prizes – although you can also trigger the Bonus Feature which rewards multipliers on any wins until it’s automatically reset or all winnings are awarded!

After playing the online slot for an hour, you might find yourself with a gem that’s a purple and purple gem. This purple gem is worth taking advantage of because it can replace three other symbols to create winning combinations – without even paying out altogether!

Starburst is a game developed by NetEnt that was released in 2003. It was inspired by the game of fruit machines and slot machine pay line game concept. The game has 10 pay-lines with winning combinations on both left to right and reverse directions, as well as reel 1-3 wilds which substitute for any other symbol during gameplay, adding extra excitement to this particular video slot game! This online slot can be played here at our recommended casino, where you get an £100 deposit bonus

4. What is the Bonus Feature in a Starburst slot machine?

The Bonus Feature in a Starburst slot machine is triggered when all winnings are paid out and awards multipliers on any further win until it’s automatically reset or all winnings are awarded.

There are a lot of gambling games available in the market that claim to be one of the best. However, not every game is able to maintain its status as a top-notch game for years even decades ahead. What makes this gambling machine stand out among other gaming machines is the fact that it proves entertaining and fun while giving people an opportunity to win great amounts by trying their luck on it compared with other slot machines all over the world!

5. What are the Starburst slots’ winnings ranges?

The payouts for Starburst slots can vary depending on the bet size that you specify.

6. How often does the Starburst slot game payout?

The Starburst slot machine will typically payout every 3 to 5 minutes, but this is subject to variance depending on the player activity at any given time!

6. When does a player earn back any losses incurred playing a Starburst Slot machine?

A player will typically earn back any losses incurred playing a Starburst Slot machine within a few days, but this can vary depending on the individual game.

7. Is it possible to increase my chances of winning by trying different combinations of active symbols or by choosing specific pay-lines.

No, players do not have the ability to manipulate their chances of winning by choosing specific active symbols or by choosing specific pay lines. The only way to increase one’s chances is to play more often and make bigger bets!

8. Is there any rule about trying to arrange a specific pattern of symbols?

No, there is no specific rule about trying to arrange a specific pattern of symbols. However, it can be helpful to try and land as many different symbols across all active pay lines in order to maximize your chances of winning.

9. What is the maximum win you can get from playing Twin Spins on Starburst slot machine?

The max bet is the highest payout threshold. The maximum wager one can make per pay line are 5 credits, which equals 50×20 = 1,000 credits total for a max bet of 20 coins.

The maximum win that a player can potentially get from playing Twin Spins on a Starburst slot machine is £1 million on a single spin!

The minimum bet is 0.10 (bet level: 1; coin value: 0.01) while the maximum bet is 100 (bet level: 10; coin value: 1.00). The currency depends on the one you use.

10. Does it make any difference whether or not I have won yet (in terms of activating the bonus feature). Do players have different levels according their accumulated cash in bonuses etc. Or none at all ?

There is no difference in terms of activating the bonus feature whether or not a player has won yet. Players have different levels according to their accumulated cash in bonuses, but there are currently no other differences between players in regards to bonuses or rewards.

11. How do I win in Starburst?

In order to win in Starburst, players need to land at least one symbol on each active payline.

The starburst wild expands to cover one whole reel, offering more chances to complete a winning payline. It will also reward you with up to 3 respins per spin: so the starburst wild feature can be triggered as many times as required for an additional payout of up to x50,000 coins! A popular and highly attractive combination is Wild Starburst expanding all across the reels. The starburst wild does not only affect part of a single reel but instead covers an entire reel which can provide even more chances of winning. If you are looking to hit the big jackpots in Starburst, start playing with Twin Spins.

Coin Value on Starburst Slot

Make coin value between 0.01 and 1.0 to maximize your chances of hitting a win on Starburst online slot machine in the internet casino world because it’s one of those games that has low payouts compared to other slots, which means you should not play this game with high blind bets if you want something from this game.

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If you’re looking for a game where coins can be worth more than 0.01, then try playing games like The Phantom of the Opera or Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. If you’re after something closer to 1.0, then try playing games like American Pharaoh or Zeus plus mythology slots.

How do respins work in Starburst?

Respin is one of the most exciting features in Starburst. You will always find this feature at the bottom of your screen, where you can activate it to re-spin your reels again. Once activated, respin appears as a number on the top left corner and starts spinning automatically. The number indicates how many times you need to play before getting another re-spin.

Starburst Xxxtreme Demo

Starburst Xxxtreme is one of the best starburst online slot games. It has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Starburst Xxxtreme is available in two versions: The original version (no bonus game) and a special starburst xxxtremex version with an added starburst bonus round, which makes it even more exciting to play!

Top Slot Starburst slot review — worth the hype?

Yes, Slot’s Starburst slot is definitely worth the hype! This 5-reel, 20-payline slot offers an impressive array of features and bonuses that will keep your attention focused on the screen for hours on end. Bonus features include a Free Spins feature, which awards players with 10 free spins after they hit the top bet. If that’s not enough to get you excited, consider the Starburst Mega Bonus Round, which activates once you reach certain triggering combinations on all active pay-lines. Collecting winnings during this round will award players with up to x100 in bonus cash!

Bonus Features:

-Free Spins feature: Award players with 10 free spins after they hit the top bet.

Payout Range of the Starburst Slot in 2022

There is no set payout range for the Starburst slot, as it depends on how much money players wager. However, in 2023 the average payouts for this slot machine will be around 95%.

How much can I win?

Starburst is a popular online slot game that offers players the chance to win big. With three reels and five pay lines, this casino slot machine has payout possibilities of up to 3,000x your stake. Starburst Online Slot payout structure can be as low as 0.25p per spin for each active line with maximum payout on all lines being 20p per spin which means you can potentially win £1 million on a single spin!

In Starburst, a maximum bet of 10 coins can be wagered. The bet level determines how many coin levels are activated; the higher the bet level, the greater is the number of lines that will be active in order to play for this amount (Bet 1 means one line. Bet 30 means three lines). Furthermore, when playing with maximum bets – which do not apply multipliers – there are no free spins round or bonus games available

Starburst RTP Overview

The Starburst online slot has a respectable RTP of 96.3%. This means that players are generally expected to win around 96% of the time when playing this game.

High RTP and low volatility: A winning combination

The winning combination of the Starburst Online Slot is that it has a high RTP (return to player) and low volatility. It also provides you with an excellent gameplay experience along with a winning feature set.

Play now and enjoy the Starburst Slot game at the best online casino in UK!

Starburst slots are a part of the popular Net Ent slot machines range. The game is available in all major online casinos, including Bwin and Octopays Casino where players can access Starburst pay-line 3×5, 4×2 or 5 with up to 99 pay-lines on each spin. Other than that there is also a wild symbol – it will appear only once during every four reel spins and when this occurs you can choose one free pick from five gem symbols to fill any empty

Starburst winning symbols

The Starburst Slot machine features five winning symbols – the star, the lightning bolt, the cherry, the lime and a balloon. These will appear on every active pay line in turn and when they do you can receive free spins to award wins.

Starburst Jackpot and Big Win

Starburst is a jackpot-style slot machine with a jackpot symbol that has the ability to trigger multiple payouts. The jackpot is triggered by landing 3 or more starbursts on an active win line, and it can be collected in one of two ways: spinning all reels and stopping on the Starburst icon; or by collecting three scatter symbols during play. The number of coins played does not affect this multiplier, so players can collect their winnings regardless of how much they have wagered.

No bonus rounds or progressive jackpot

Starburst does not have the traditional bonus round or progressive jackpot found in other related slots. However, players can still collect wins from playing all of their pay-lines and on each spin by landing a winning combo as defined above.

play starburst

It is a real money online slot with 5 reels and 243 pay-lines, which can be played from mobile. It has good graphics and animations, its sound effects are pleasantly different from those of other slot games.

This slot game offers real money bonuses (loyalty points) that increase the amount won during play by 200%. It became available to real money players in 2015 and was quickly dubbed one of the best slots on the market. The graphics are stunning, but there’s little else integrated into this game which seems outstanding today.

Free spin mode

In free spin mode, the wild symbol can replace all other icons to create a winning combination. This feature is represented by the starburst logo and this gives it unique features for players.

The high volatility of the Starburst game makes it one of the most exciting slot games in its genre. Players who play this slot regularly will know that they need to be prepared for huge wins which could vary from a small number of coins up to millions. The best thing about this slot machine is that although players can win high amounts, their winning isn’t as frequent as other high volatility slots

Scatter wins the combination of 3 or more scatter symbols. Scattered wilds last for 10 free spins, which is a winning combination too. Like all Net Ent slots, Starburst has an RTP that you have to be happy with because it can make your winning percentage higher by making sure that you hit at least three scatters on each re-spin.

The gemstones are the main symbols in this game and they all have a specific role. For example, the gemstones can help you to achieve higher wins when combinations of three gemstones appear on the reels at once. Also, there are 5 regular icons that will award you with some useful prizes if they land on any pay lines during playing.

Top Slot Site Starburst online slot machine deposit bonus

Welcome to the Starburst online slot machine!

You can play this exciting game for free here at our website, and if you make a deposit of £10 or more we will give you a great bonus!

If you deposit £$€100 or more you will receive a huge bonus of 800%!

Simply make your deposit and claim your bonus – it is that simple!

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Have fun playing Starburst online slot machine!

To get your bonus please click the “Claim Your Bonus” button below. You will need to enter your unique code found within your receipt from playing the game. After submitting this information, please check your email inbox for further instructions on how to claim your bonus. Thanks for choosing Starburst slots – enjoy playing!

The starburst bonus offers you get will be removed from your account when they expire. All offers are listed on the main page of our website, just scroll down and look for the “starburst bonus offers” section.

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The starburst slot by Netent is a 5-reel slot machine with 243 pay lines. The game has an RTP of 96% making it one of the most profitable slots in its category. Darjeeling Limited Edition and Arabian Nights are also very good games to play when you want to win big money playing dealer’s choice online slots like Starburst Online Slot at SlotJar Casino.

free demo

A free demo of the starburst slot is now available for you to play. It features a familiar grid layout with black and gold-coloured symbols that are spread across an attractive background, showcasing an immersive experience which will have players wanting more.

free play

Starburst is a free-play slot machine that works on similar payouts as the top 3 progressive slots. You just need to land 5 starburst poker symbols and you will win 1,000 coins instantly. The best online casinos offer the free play feature of this slot because it gives an opportunity for new players to try out the game before making any deposit or playing for real money on StarBust’s free play mode.

One of the most progressive slots ever invented

This is one of the most progressive slots ever invented. It has a great theme that made it popular in past and present times. The slot game itself offers winnings with higher frequency as compared to other online games, which allows players to earn more money per hour or a day playing on this amazing slot machine than they normally would while playing any other type of video poker (or casinos) bonus deposit bonus offer: deposit bonus: 100% up to €800 deposit bonus welcome bonuses.

Starburst is a browser-based slot game that has entertaining and fast-paced gameplay ready for you to play anytime.

Online Slot: Cleopatra Slots Machine

Cleopatra is one of the most popular slot games in the world. Cleopatra Slots Machine online slot has been designed to take you back to ancient Egypt, with a great combination of luck and skill. This game offers you a chance to win big when playing this Cleopatra slot machine online! Cleopatra Slots Machine features:

– An exciting and fast-paced gameplay that is perfect for a fun online slot experience.

– Fantastic graphics and sound effects that will transport you to ancient Egypt.

– Multiple game modes, including Free Spins and Multipliers, which give you even more opportunities to win big!

The registration is easy slots style for our players, wherein no download and BS is needed. One can get 20 free demo spins on the book of the dead game upon registration. The bonus table shows that the min deposit required ranges from € 10 to € 300 as per player’s choice while wagering varies between 50 times in 5x up to 30X during the time period of bets made at jackpots like starburst slots machine by Netent Games Ltd

Top Slot Site Starburst Slot Review Summary

The Starburst slot machine by Netent Games Ltd is a great and exciting browser-based slot game that takes players to ancient Egypt. The gameplay is fast-paced and perfect for online slots fans, while the graphics and sound effects are top-notch. There are multiple game modes offered as well as bonus opportunities, making this one of the most entertaining casino games around!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting online slots game, then the Starburst slot machine by Netent Games Ltd is definitely worth checking out. With great graphics and sound effects, this is one of the most enjoyable casino games around!

play at top slot site uk

How do you play Starburst?

Top Slots Best Slot Site Online ▶️ Top PayOuts ▶️ ​✅

Starburst was one of NetEnt’s most highly acclaimed games and now NetEnt touch has developed the game to be available across all handheld devices like your mobile phones and tablets in the name Starburst Touch. The game has only one feature which can be slightly disappointing to the people who are used to playing slot games with too many features and have a mindset of “The more the merrier” . When it comes to this game, there is just one feature which is the Starburst wild. But the feature is really rewarding and the motto that people should be following for this game is “Short and Sweet”!

Is Starburst safe to play online?

Top Slots Best Slot Site Online ▶️ Top PayOuts ▶️ ​✅

Starburst at Top Slot Site is completely safe to play online. Developers at Top Slot site make all the online games entirely safe for you.

Can I use cheats on Starburst slots?

Top Slots Best Slot Site Online ▶️ Top PayOuts ▶️ ​✅

Absolutely not. There are no known hacks for Starburst or other online slots at Top Slot Site. Our developers and engineers work very hard to make our online casino unbreakable for others.

Where can I play Starburst slots online?

Top Slots Best Slot Site Online ▶️ Top PayOuts ▶️ ​✅

There are many online slots websites where you can play Starburst slot. Here at Top Slot Site, you can easily Starburst and many other slots and enjoy lucrative offers.

Can you win real money on Starburst slot?

Top Slots Best Slot Site Online ▶️ Top PayOuts ▶️ ​✅

Absolutely! Top Slot Site offers players a certain number of spins on Starburst slots and you can cash out what you win with those spins, up to a certain amount.

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