Guns n Roses Slots

Rock n Roll con Guns n Roses!

Good news awaits all the hardcore fans of rock and roll as the famous rock band Guns n Roses gets another tribute. We have seen everything from musical instruments to t-shirts and mugs with the band icon on it, but this time you will see it on something different. NetEnt has worked really hard to bring forth a slot game dedicated to the band, and it is by far one of the best tributes that will have loyal fans of the band and genuine slot gaming fans trying their hands at it alike. The game is crafted to perfection and that is not much of a surprise as this is after all a NetEnt game.

Gráficos e efectos sonoros

The animations, graphics and sound effects of the Guns n Roses slot game are worth a special mention. NetEnt is not the kind of studio that produces cheap knock offs for games. They believe in perfection and this slot game is yet another testimony to that fact. The game has a very striking graphics and animations part to it with almost each and every symbol in the game specially tailored to fit the theme. You will not only find iconic legends like Ask Rose and Slash on your ranuras, but even the low level symbols are well designed with roses on them.

Os efectos sonoros no xogo non deixan de ser unha fonte de marabilla, xa que case todos os sons que aquí se atopan enteiramente ou parte dunha banda orixinal da banda. Word afirmou que NetEnt esforzouse moito para asegurarse de que non haberá problemas de copyright e obtivo o consentimento dos membros da banda para usalo neste xogo.

Características do xogo

  • This 5 reel and 25 paylines slot game has a large number of features too. Fans won’t be coming just to pay tribute to the band, but also to get rich doing it when they percolating this slot game.
  • The Guns n Roses slot game has features such as wilds, free spins and even multipliers.
  • Os salvaxes do xogo son símbolos de substitución do símbolo e poden axudarche a obter vitorias importantes.
  • Os dispersos no xogo desencadenan os xiros gratuítos e podes conseguir ata 20 rotacións libres cun multiplicador 4x dependendo do número de dispersores que aterras.


The Guns n Roses slot game is a fun slot game from NetEnt that is aimed to target two crowds, the band’s fans and regular slot gamers. With some really rewarding features and amazing audio visuals, the game is a success in terms of being a highly paying slot game and a fitting rembrandt for the band.

How do you play Guns n Roses slot?

Is Guns n Roses safe to play online?

Guns n Roses at Top Slot Site is completely safe to play online. Developers at Top Slot site make all the online games entirely safe for you.

Can I use cheats on Guns n Roses slot?

Absolutely not. There are no known hacks for Guns n Roses or other online slots at Top Slot Site. Our developers and engineers work very hard to make our online casino unbreakable for others.

Where can I play Guns n Roses slot online?

There are many online slots websites where you can play Guns n Roses. Here at Top Slot Site, you can easily Guns n Roses and many other slots and enjoy lucrative offers.

Can you win real money on Guns n Roses slot?

Absolutely! Top Slot Site offers players a certain number of play options on Guns n Roses and you can cash out what you win with those plays, up to a certain amount.