European Roulette Mobile

Microgaming’s European Mobile & PC Roulette Gold has brought a new meaning to design and graphics. With its realistic graphics and a superb interface, it has suitably adapted to mobile devices keeping all of its original features. Easily downloadable and playable on a majority of Android, Apple tablets or devices, it offers the same quality with smooth game-play without any lagging issues.

European Roulette Gold online and tablet mobile casino is seeking the mobile users for increasing its fan base. Another winning game from Microgaming, it is similar to American Roulette in all aspects except for the absence of the ‘00’ number.

Xogando ouro European Roulette

The design and layout of the mobile version of European Roulette Gold are the same as the PC based. It has the same game rules also. The simple game allows players to make either Inside bets or Outside bets, on whether the number and colour chosen will land in the roulette wheel. Pode aumentar as súas posibilidades de gañar, poñendo as apostas veciño ou Teléfono apostas.

Apostas veciño permite escoller un número e facer unha aposta en liña recta sobre el xunto con seus números adxacentes, ata un total de 9 números (catro de cada lado). The Call bet places a bet on a section of the roulette wheel.

Dentro de apostas son feitas nun único número ou calquera das seis combinacións posíbeis conforme a continuación

• Straight Bet -Bet on one number, 35:1 payout
• Split Bet- Aposte en números adxacentes, 17:1 payout
• Street Bet – apostar por 3 números nunha fileira, 11:1 payout
• Corner Bet – Bet on a block of 4 números, 8:1 payout
• Five Number Bet – Bet on 5 números (0, 00, 1, 2, 3), 6:1 payout
• Line Bet – apostar por 6 números de 2 colas adxacentes, 5:1 payout

As apostas externas son feitas ao poñer o seu diñeiro en calquera dos bloques fóra da reixa.

• Column Bet – Bet on 1 do 3 columnas, 2:1 payout
• Dozen Bet – Bet on 12 números de alta, bloque de baixa ou media, 2:1 payout
• Even Money Bet – Bet on 18 números (mesmo, estraño, negro ou vermello), 1:1 payout

European Roulette Gold is perfect for mobile users to play with its amazing graphics, clear cut interfaces making it an instant favourite for all casino players. With better control over the game and money, play this classic beauty to experience the real thrill of betting and winning.