centre court

Centre Court is a tennis themed slot game. Wimbledon’s premier and famous tennis ground is the Mecca for all tennis players and moving it to an online setting has Microgaming pulling the tennis fans in droves towards this slot game.

Centre Court symbols

There is mixed doubles match featuring 2 pairs of tennis players. The Centre Court action takes place in tennis court with a white border surrounding the 5 סלילים 9 paylines. Without the Trophy, Tennis Balls, and the Match Point symbols, it wouldn’t be a tennis game would it? Now why would Microgaming put the card symbols in here is anyone’s guess. It’s totally out of place and distracting.

תכונות משחק

Centre Court is a 5 סְלִיל 9 משחק חריץ payline מ Microgaming. Tennis fans will love this slot for the quick fire action that takes place on the reels. Distinct animations and sound effects suited for a real tennis game makes its way whenever a free spin or win occurs.

בערבות: The Trophy symbol is the wild that can be part of a win when it substitutes for other symbols. Smash an ace and land the jackpot of 1,000 מטבעות כאשר 5 of these symbols appear on the reels.

מפזר: A splattering of the Tennis Balls scattered all over the reels guarantees a win that’s multiplied by the total bet and added to the final score of the payline.

How about an endless and retriggerable round of free spins when 3 or more of the scatter Tennis Balls appear on the reels. לנצח 18 free spins and a random multiplier of up to 5x for each of these free spins. What’s more with the wild Trophy symbol stacked during free spins, you are eligible for the match winning prize of up to 450,000 מטבעות במהלך המשחק הזה.

תכונת גמבל: With gambling being legal, you can double or quadruple your wins for guessing the poker cards or suits correct colour. Stand to win all or lose everything.

לי / מקס Bet לכל ספין (£ / $ / €): 0.01 - 0.25

זכיות (£ / $ / €): 1,000 מטבעות (משחק בסיס), 450,000 מטבעות (ספינים חינם)

סגירת מחשבות

Fast and quick watch the players sliding, grunting with each swing of the tennis racquet in Centre Court. Pretty decent wins and graphics will have the player try this slot game once atleast before moving onto other sports themed games.