Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel

The Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel 3 משחק חריץ payline מ Microgaming. It’s a classic slot game that will never go out of fashion. Probably the most popular among the 3 reel slots, it has a progressive jackpot that ever increasing.

Fruit Fiesta 3 סימני Reel

The regular fruit symbols of oranges, לימונים, אֲבַטִיחִים, the bars and 7s put up their bright faces on the 3 סלילים. Having a familiar layout makes it easier for both the newbie and the seasoned player to play.

תכונות משחק

Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel is a progressive jackpot slot game. It’s a great game for all players due to its simple gameplay and easy to bet range. רק 3 coins are available each with a 0.25 bet. For a max bet on all the 3 סלילים, you are eligible to try to win the progressive jackpot. Every player spinning the slot contributes to the mounting jackpot.

בערבות: Fruit Fiesta symbol is the wild that substitutes for all the other symbols to form a winning combination. When bet max i.e for all the 3 מטבעות, you are eligible for the progressive jackpot when all the 3 reels have the Fruit Fiesta symbol. For a single coin you win 800 coins and for 2 מטבעות 1,600 coins is the jackpot.

מפזר: There are no scatters in this game.

לי / מקס Bet לכל ספין (£ / $ / €): רק 0.25

זכיות (£ / $ / €): 1,600 מטבעות (משחק בסיס) and Progressive jackpot in credits

סגירת מחשבות

Fruit Fiesta 3 Reel may not have any of the frills and fancies of other slots. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out. Try this game for cracking the jackpot. Or else just for the fun of spinning. Also see: