Privacy Policy

1.0 Privacy

1.1 ProgressPlay Limited (the “Company”) is committed to protecting Your privacy and Your personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”)

1.2 The Company has created this Privacy Policy to let You know what information The Company (or others on its behalf) collect from You when You use the Company’s services via its online or mobile offerings (the “Services”), how is this information collected and how is it used.

1.3 This Privacy Policy is part of and should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions. When you access or use the Company’s offering and/or Services, You agree that the Company (or others on its behalf) may collect, use and disclose your information (including Personal Information) in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy

2.0. Collection of Information

2.1 The Company (or others on its behalf) collects Personal Information from You, including without limitation, Your name, date of birth, credit card information, home or other physical address, email address, phone number and other contact information. The Company (or others on its behalf) also collects an activity log unique to You that collects certain administrative and traffic information including without limitation source IP address, time of access, date of access, web and mobile page(הים) visited, language use, software crash reports and type of browser used.

2.2 The Company (or others on its behalf) collects the aforesaid information when You use the Services and when You provide it to the Company, and also in Your communications with the Company.

2.3 You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of Your Personal Information and all other information You submit to The Company (or others on its behalf). Inaccurate information will affect the information You receive when using the Services and the Company’s ability to contact You as contemplated in this Privacy Policy. You may update Your Personal Information by logging into Your Account and update Your personal information or by e-mailing customer support at

3.0 Use of Information

3.1 The Company uses the Personal Information and other information the Company (or others on its behalf) collect from or about You to deliver the Services, to provide customer support, to undertake necessary security and identity verification checks, to process any of Your online or mobile transactions, meet certain business requirements and for any other purpose related to the operation of the Services. The Company may disclose Your Personal Information (and any other information) to any third parties that provide services to the Company in order to allow, enable or improve the provision of the Services to You. מבלי לגרוע מן האמור לעיל, Your Personal Information will be disclosed to employees and staff members of the Company for the purpose of providing support services, credit management services and fraud prevention services, to the Company’s accountants and auditors accounting and auditing purposes and to the Company’s partners for the purpose of payment processing, Your Personal Information may also be used by the Company to provide You with promotional offers and information regarding the Services as well as products and services from third parties carefully selected by the Company, and in order for us to improve the Company’s offering of a range of products and services and improved customer support; provided, however, that no Personal Information will be provided to third parties without You Opting to have such information provided. The Company may also use the aforesaid information to track Your use of the Services and for other internal purposes, such as evaluating, providing, and improving the Services.

3.2 The Company may disclose Your Personal Information and other information the Company (or others on its behalf) collect from or about You if required to do so by law, or if the Company believes in good faith that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process, או כדי לשמור ולהגן על זכויות החברה או נכס, על שלומם וביטחונם של משתמשים בשירותים או הציבור. החברה שומרת לעצמה את הזכות לשתף את המידע האמור עם אתרי הימורים מקוונים אחרים, בנקים, חברות כרטיסי אשראי, וסוכנויות מתאימות, אם החברה תקבע, לפי שיקול דעתה הבלעדי, כי אתה לא בגדתי או ניסה להונות את החברה, או אם החברה חושדת אתה בביצוע כל פעילות הונאה (כולל תשלום הונאה), או כל עסקה אסורה אחרת.

3.3 The Company may transfer any information (including Personal Information) outside Your country of residence and outside the European Union and store it in other countries; the data protection and other laws of these countries may not be as comprehensive as those in the European Unionin these instances the Company will take steps to ensure that a sufficient level of protection is given to Your Personal Information.

4.0 Retention of Information

4.1 The Company will retain all of Your Personal Information for the time set by applicable legislation and the directives of Malta Gaming Authority and/or of the UK Gambling Commission, as applicable. While You may request from the Company to erase any and all of Your Personal Information, the request will be answered only as long as it is compliant with applicable legislation and Malta Gaming Authority and/or of the UK Gambling Commission, as applicable.

5.0 Choice / Opt-Out

5.1 You may opt-out from receiving communications from the Company by sending a blank e-mail with the word “Remove” to; If You have any questions relating to opting-out, please contact our customer support.

6.0 Cookies

6.1 The Company (or others on its behalf) use a browser feature known as cookies, which are small text files which are placed on Your computer or equipment when You visit certain online or mobile pages, to track Your activities, record Your preferences, ולהפוך את שירותי קשובים יותר לצרכים שלך על ידי מתן חוויה טובה יותר ומותאמת אישית אליך. העוגיות נשמרות במחשב שלך ו / או ציוד המשמשים את החברה כדי לעקוב אחר הפעילות שלך ולהעביר את המידע כפי שאתה משתמש בשירותים. עוגיות יכולות לאפשר לחברה לשייך מידע ניווט מביקורים גולשים עם מידע אישי שאתה מספק לחברה.

7.0 בִּטָחוֹן

7.1 החברה יישמה מדיניות אבטחה מתאימה, rules and technical measures to protect and safeguard the Personal Information under its control from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss. All of the Company’s employees and data processors that have access to, and are associated with the processing of Your Personal Information, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of Your information.

8.0 Links to Other Sites

8.1 The Company’s website, אתר נייד יישומים ניידים עשויים להכיל קישורים לאתרים אחרים, אתרים ניידים ויישומים ניידים. אתרים אחרים, אתרים ניידים ויישומים ניידים עשויים גם אזכור או קישור אל אתר האינטרנט של החברה, אתר סלולארי ו / או יישומים ניידים. החברה אינה אחראית לנוהגי הפרטיות או לתוכן של אתרים כאלה אחרים, אתרים ניידים ויישומים ניידים, וכל מידע שנאסף על ידי אתרי צד ג 'אלה, אתרים ניידים ויישומים ניידים אינם נשלטים על ידי מדיניות פרטיות זו, and the Company assumes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the policies (including privacy policies), practices, actions or omissions of such third parties.

9.0 Transfer

9.1 In the event that the Company sells, assigns or transfers some or all of its business or assets to a successor or acquirer, or if the Company is acquired by or merge with a third party, or if the Company files for bankruptcy or become insolvent, the Company may sell, assign or transfer all of Your Personal Information and other information provided by You or about You, regardless of Your opt status, to such successor or acquirer.

10.0 Disclaimer

10.1 The Services operate “AS-IS” and “AS-AVAILABLE”, without liability of any kind. The Company is not responsible for events beyond its direct control. The Company cannot guarantee nor does it represent that there will be error-free performance regarding the privacy of Your Personal Information, and the Company (including its directors, officers, shareholders, suppliers, advisors, contractors and affiliates) will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages relating to the use or release of Personal Information.

11.0 Your Acceptance of this Policy

11.1 By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions during the registration process on the Company’s website, אתר סלולארי ו / או יישומים ניידים, or by continued use of the Services, You agree to this Privacy Policy, and to any changes the Company may make to this Privacy Policy from time to time. The Company will notify You of any such changes to the Privacy Policy by posting the changes on the Company’s website, אתר סלולארי ו / או יישומים ניידים, and You will be required to confirm such changes. Failure to confirm such change will prevent You from continuing using the Services. Your only remedy in case in which You do not wish to be bound by such change is to stop using the Services, and to close Your Account.