Pyramid Quest for Immortality

NetEnt have gone out of their way to give a old school arcade style slot game in the mobile platform. And, yes it is quite good too. The game may not have complex themes or an array of bonus features but it has a simple and addictive gameplay which is hard to resist. But you do have to be wary of your budget with this one cause if you aren’t Pyramid Quest for Immortality will make you lose quite a bit. Though for those willing to take the risk you are in for some huge money. Potentially 36,000 times your bet!!

Pyramid Quest for Immortality: Hail the Pharoah!!

It has an increasing multiplier type of gameplay. Well, NetEnt were not really successful the last time they tried this in the Big Bang Slot but they have definitely hit the home run this time.

Gameplay :

The game basically has 5 reels and a huge 720 ways to win. You only begin to appreciate this as you play more and more as the starting rounds are bit of a fizz. But that is mostly cause it is incredibly hard to win some money in this game. You have to win 3 consecutive times to win the 1x multiplier and another 3 wins to get the 2x multiplier and so on until you get 30 consecutive wins to win the 100 multiplier. This is quite an impossible feat though as it is really hard to actually win more than 5x multipliers. Also the slot is extremely volatile which makes it edgy for casual players. You either win big or nothing at all.

Bonus features :

The bonus features in Pyramid Quest for Immortality come in the form of multipliers and free spins. It is easy enough to understand while playing the game and really help you in winning some money. For example everytime you generate a wild it helps you win almost 80% of the time.

Time to loot the pyramid!!

If any of you have any apprehensions about this game after having played the similar release from NetEnt, The Big Bang Slot.. Cast them aside right away!! Yes, this game is volatile and hasn’t got a lot of bonus features but it sure does have a gameplay that is extremely addictive. The kinda rush you feel everytime you land an avalanche multiplier is hard to explain and rather has to be felt. So, go play this one, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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