फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स

The story of Red Riding Hood was among our favourites for most of us when we were still children. Now that we have grown to adulthood, there is still a bit of sentimental attachment to this story. This is what NetEnt hopes to exploit in the development of the फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स: Red Riding Hood slot game.

About the Developer

Net entertainment has been existing since 1996 and is based in Sweden. NetEnt is the first developer to have created an online casino using the java platform. However, it has since moved on to more advanced platform like HTML5 and Flash technology. This developer has blessed the gaming world with a lot of games over the years. Of the various game genres, NetEnt seems to be particularly well grounded in developing slot games.

About the game

फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स is an online slot game with five reels and twenty paylines. This game is well designed and has a background tune that comprises of the cacophony that would be normally encountered when moving through the woods. As Red Riding Hood moves through the woods, you can hear the chirping of birds and the rustling of trees; all enhancing the effects of this game.

In फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स the minimum amount that players can bet on a single spin is 0.2 while the maximum bet is 200. Whenever you feel like staking huge sums of money, there is a Max bet button beside the spin circle that can help you out in that regard.

फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स offers two main ways of activating the bonus features. One of such ways is through the use of treasure chest icon. When this lands on the reels, you get three bonus options: Free Spins, Beware the Wolf and Coin Wins.

The Free Spin feature gives you ten free spins. You can retrigger the free spin if you land the treasure chest on the reels. One treasure chest gives you an extra two free spins. In the end, this results to a total of fifty free spins. Surely, fifty free spins are enough for you to get your lucky break.

With the Coin Wins feature, you are given a random payout sum. The Beware the Wolf feature involves you guiding Red Riding Hood through the woods to grandma’s house. If you don’t do this well enough, she could become the snack of the big bad Wolf.


फेयरी टेल लीजेंड्स is a very interesting game with a lot of bonus features. The combination of the bonus features and the beautiful design make the game one of a kind.

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