European Roulette Gold

Similar to the American Roulette in all aspects except for the absence of the ‘00’ number, European Roulette Gold is another one of Microgaming classic casino games. Featuring exceptional quality in terms of graphics, sound and design, the Gold series has catapulted Microgaming to the top leagues.

Igranje European Roulette Gold

The familiar roulette wheel and table with its 3×12 grid displaying the numbers from 1 do 36 are seen. The single ‘0’ is placed right at the top of this grid. You can make both inside and outside bets on whether you’re lucky number lands in the right slot of the spinning wheel.

The additional betting options available for the players are the Neighbour bet and Call bet. You can select a number and make a straight bet on it along with its adjacent numbers up to a total of 9 brojevi (četiri sa svake strane). Call bet places a bet on a section of the roulette wheel.

Unutar oklade su na jednom broju ili bilo koji od šest mogućih kombinacija kao ispod

• Straight Bet -Bet on one number, 35:1 isplata
• Split Bet- Kladite se na susjednim brojevima, 17:1 isplata
• Street Bet – tipovati 3 brojevi u nizu, 11:1 isplata
• Corner Bet – Bet on a block of 4 brojevi, 8:1 isplata
• Five Number Bet – Bet on 5 brojevi (0, 00, 1, 2, 3), 6:1 isplata
• Line Bet – tipovati 6 brojevi 2 susjedna reda, 5:1 isplata

Izvan oklade su prilikom postavljanja svoj novac na bilo koji od blokova izvan mreže.

• Column Bet – Bet on 1 od 3 stupovi, 2:1 isplata
• Dozen Bet – Bet on 12 broj visoko, niske ili srednje blok, 2:1 isplata
• Even Money Bet – Bet on 18 brojevi (čak, neparan, crna ili crvena), 1:1 isplata

Perfectly designed, amazing graphics, clear cut interfaces make European Roulette Gold an instant favourite for all casino players. Having the expert mode option allows better control of your game and money. Play this classic beauty to experience the real thrill of betting and winning.