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Az élő kereskedő játékok lett nagyon népszerű manapság, mivel ezek a így egy igazi kaszinó tapasztalat, hogy a játékos játszik a kényelmet otthonaikba a mobil vagy asztali. NetEnt elindította élő kereskedő játékok 2013. Ez használ webkamera technológiát használja az élő emberi kereskedők, akik ülnek a stúdióban, hogy hozzon létre egy valódi szárazföldi kaszinó. Élő VIP Blackjack offers the higher table limits to the players which make it highly rewarding too.

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About the Developer of Live VIP Blackjack

NetEnt was founded in 1996 by a prominent land-based casino and has been providing a variety of casino games and software to various online casinos throughout the world. The company is renowned for developing superior quality games that come with excellent graphics and sound. A VIP Mobile Blackjack Game is a live dealer game created by them.

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A VIP Mobile Blackjack Game by NetEnt offers table limits that are way higher than most of the other VIP titles available from other developers. Élő VIP Blackjack is a very simple and straightforward game. The result of the game depends on the cards you are dealt with as well as how well versed you are with the game rules. Along with luck, you need to have a strategy and necessary skills to get the desired results. The VIP Mobile Blackjack Game is played with 8 regular card decks. There are seven seats available at each of the table playing this VIP Mobile Blackjack Game.

azonban, the tables remain open 24/7, so you can play this game whenever you want to and from wherever you want to. A chat box is given at top right-hand corner so that if you want to you can chat with the dealer and fellow players at the table. Under the chat box, you will find the information icon click on this to reveal your bet amount and balance. The game lets you visit the main lobby where you can choose the table you want to play on. The usual options of Stand, Hit, Split and Double are available depending on the cards you’re dealt.

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Some of the features of VIP Mobile Blackjack Game are:

  • Charming but well- trained dealers
  • Live Chat option
  • Easy to use intuition based interface
  • Extremely high RTP

VIP Mobile Blackjack Game follows rules of traditional blackjack, így ha már játszott blackjack előtt, akkor képesnek kell lennie arra, hogy kövesse ezt a játékot könnyedén.