Astro Cat

Astro Cat is here to take you to a yet another level of fun, excitement and to further give you an adrenaline rush. иә, this newly developed slot game not only involves attractive features and bonuses, but a lot more than this. Astro Cat gives you 1296 different opportunities to play and win.

Ойын туралы:

Astro Cat is an amazing slot game that has been designed by the newly developed Lightning Box Games. өзі үшін бенчмарк орнату үшін, Осы бренд кемелді автоматтарда Онлайн ойын «деп деп атауға болады барлығымен қамтамасыз етілген ойындар жобалау: бітікледім жоқ тас қалдырып отыр.

Ойын туралы:

Astro кез келген ойыншы іздеп еді барлық қамтиды тамаша ұясы ойын Catis. Бұл ұя бес барабанда тұрады, сондай-ақ 1296 үш түрлі жолдарда, сондай-ақ ұйымдастырылған түрлі желісінің. Осы ұяға, сондықтан көптеген желілерінің артта себебі Reelfecta болып мейкерлердің көзделген алыбы үшінші барабаны табылады: 4×4 grid in the centre. There are calm waters provided on the background that makes the overall setup look very impressive. This slot provides for five different symbols that are theme related. These symbols include a frog, a stylized dragon, a bonsai tree, a pair of Koi as well as a pair of fans. The lower value symbols in this slot are represented by the characters of 9, 10, A, J, K and Q respectively. The wild is represented by the ManekiNekoAstro Cat which appears only on the reels 3 and 4. They substitute for all the other symbols but for the scatter. The scatter is represented by a pair of fireworks.

Astro Cat involves the bonus of the Reelfecta reel. This reel is the reel 3 and it allows you to form a winning combination with any of the symbols that shall be used only for once. The slot also involves the opportunity of the free spins that could be triggered by the way of landing at least 5 of the firework scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The player now gets a maximum 12 free spins along with the locked wilds. On each of the spin made by you, a reelfecta tends to become a wild symbol or an icon of poison. Each wild then locks in place for a particular duration of the spins. Howeber, the poison brings the round to the end. This slot also involves a gamble feature.


Astro Cat is an amazing slot to play and enjoy. Everything involved in this slot game is utterly impressive. The whopping jackpot of 500x is certainly a treat for all the players who have been dreaming of wining big.