Aloha Hawaii! 잘, who doesn’t like Hawaii? Warm tropical beaches with coconut palms lining them, Sunshine all throughout the year and not to mention the lip smacking cuisine. Those who have already visited Hawaii would want to go back and those who haven’t will definitely want to visit it once. And here comes a game for all of you all pining to go to Hawaii. Aloha is the latest addition to the mobile and online slot gaming genre from NetEnt gaming. This slot gives you the feeling of playing in one of the Casinos in Hawaii while sitting at your home.

This slot has some great graphics that really bring out the flavor of Hawaii. 그래픽은이 슬롯 게임을 만든 모습이 아니라 당신이 플레이 스테이션이나 X 박스에서 재생할 것입니다 비디오 게임처럼 생각하지 않습니다. 하지만이 netent 자료형에서 슬롯에 대한 놀라운 일이 아니다 그들의 놀라운 그래픽 팀에 송시이다. 심볼은 밝지, 화려하고 정말 생생한. 음악도 추가 쌩쌩이 게임이 하나의 멋진 슬롯 할 것을 추가.

그것은 파티 시간 – 하와이 스타일!!

알로하는 독특하고 독창적 인 게임 플레이가. 이 netent 자료형 전에 시도하지 않은 일이다. There are no distinctive reels and paylines like the classic slot games but instead what you get is 5 rows and 6 열.

To win all one has to do is to create a cluster of 9 or more of the same symbols in the grind. Now each symbol gives you different returns. And also the bigger the cluster the bigger your win. What this does is that the player has the opportunity to win in almost uncountable ways.

The wins do come frequently and the maximum spins one could go without a win is around 10. Although the wins are not really that big in this game, the frequency of the wins should keep players interested for a long time.

Aloha is a low risk slot with a player return of around 96.5%. This makes this game almost virtually risk free.

또한, there are no wilds in Aloha. But rather you get a ‘?’ symbol. What this symbol does is it replaces the symbol that has the best chance of creating a winning cluster. This is a great feature that may come in quite handy while chasing big wins.

Final Verdict

A yes or a no? Aloha is a definite yes. This is one of the most refreshing slots to have released in the past few months. It has everything going for it to me it a successful slot in the coming months. 그래서, definitely try this one. You’ll have no regrets.