Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo ຫຼື Gonzo ຂອງ Quest ແມ່ນໂມ້ວ່າເປັນທີ່ຫນ້າສົນໃຈເປັນການສືບພັນເປັນ. ການດົນໃຈໂດຍເຫດ Gonzalo Pizarro ຂອງ, ການສ້າງ NetEnt ນີ້ແມ່ນຫນຶ່ງໃນວຽກງານທີ່ດີທີ່ສຸດຂອງເຂົາເຈົ້າ. Slot Top ເອົາກັບທ່ານນີ້ຂັບເຄື່ອນການຜະຈົນໄພເຂົ້າໄປໃນພາຍໃນຂອງອາເມລິກາໃຕ້, ບ່ອນທີ່ Gonzalo ເມື່ອໄດ້ໃນການຊອກຫາຂອງ El Dorado, ນະຄອນ mythical ຂອງຄໍາວ່າໄດ້ສູນເສຍໄປ!

ໂຄງການຂຸດຄົ້ນ unseen ກັບ Gonzo!

Help Gonzo find the city of gold – El Dorado and accompany him in his exciting expedition. There are mysterious jungles to cross, suspicious lands to uncover and much in this 5 reels, 3 ແຖວເກັດທີ່ຢູ່, ແລະ 20 paylines slot. El Dorado is a city of gold, so you know what you are looking for – big wins! On the way you will come across great features that will keep you glued to this amazing slot. The graphics are crafted with perfection to give you a unique experience which you will always come back for!

You will experience great animations, especially when the Avalanche feature is triggered. When you get a winning combination, all the symbols involved disappear to make space for a new set. And the new ones fall into those empty spaces like a game of Tetris. But what you need to look out for is the free fall feature. When you get three free fall symbols on a winning line, this feature gets activated. With up to a multiplier of 15x at your disposal, you know what you are aiming for.

Now it is here that the wild symbol is the most useful. The question mark wild symbol can get you extra free spins, because it has the power to substitute any symbol to make a winning combination! And not only that, you get more free spins during the bonus round as well. All you need is to get 3 free fall symbols.

In the free spins round, every time you land on a win triggers the avalanche as well. This avalanche also increases the multiplier! So, not only do the free spins give you more rounds to win, but also multiply them with great numbers. Imagine a decent win being multiplied by 15!


Gonzo is one of the best creations of NetEnt, and anyone who plays it once will find it difficult to go to any other slot because they will be addicted to it! There are big wins along with an interesting storyline, ເຄື່ອງໂມ້ນີ້ແມ່ນຕ້ອງໄດ້ຫລິ້ນສໍາລັບຜູ້ເລີ່ມທັງສອງເຊັ່ນດຽວກັນກັບນັກພະນັນປົກກະຕິ!