Celebrate the hip hop lifestyle with the Loaded mobile slot game. Enjoy the same look and feel of the casino version right on your iPad, iPhones or android based Smartphones. Loading easily – pun intended this mobile version follows the cool urban richness of a high flying rapper and his gorgeous ladies.

Loaded symbols

Watch the rich and glamour of the music world through the top rapper Triple7 and his arm candy ladies, flaunting their wealth in expensive limos, yachts, mansions and other items with money written all over them. Quick and slick as oil, the symbols flow through the reels forming winning paylines.

Žaidimo ypatybės

Loaded, a 5 reel 25 payline is a Bling, rapping themed mobile slot game. Loaded to the gills with features and wins, it has everything a player plays for.

Wilds: The big shot of the rapping world Triple7 is the wild who will substitute for all the other symbols except for the scatter. He is also the highest paid symbol with 7,000 coins when he makes an appearance 5 times on the reels. Plus he triples all your wins.

Scatters: Pick up a 100x times total bet for landing 5 of the Ringed Hand scatter symbol. The slot is loaded with free spins and multipliers. Win up to 560,000 coins by free spins of up to 25 with up to 4x multipliers. l bet this makes it one sweet deal.

Gamble your wins by betting whether the correct colour shows up on the next card or a card suit to double or quadruple your amount.

Min. / Maks. Statymas už sukimą (£ / $ / €): 0.01 – 0.25

Jackpot'ai (£ / $ / €): 7,000 coins (base game), 560,000 coins (free spins)

Uždarymo mintys

Eye catching graphics and sounds that are really interesting, Loaded plays very well on all the hand held devices. Break into a hip hop dance as you land the games jackpot of 560,000 while on the move.

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