Fisticuffs Touch

Feeling ‘man’ enough for a challenge? Fisticuffs Touch is a mobile slot game that is themed around a boxing match that is set in the early part of the century, and also features some great ways for you to win real cash.

Fighting like a man

Fisticuffs Touch is a 5 reel and 10 payline game made by NetEnt. The game is a great throwback to the glory days of boxing, when it was all about men and moustaches and boxing gloves. There’s also some interesting bonus features for you to look forward to the game. As with any game from NetEnt, the graphics and game performance are great.

Fisticuffs Touch has a cartoony feel to it and is a great way to unwind because of its casual game feel. The background music is also old piano music so it feels like something out of time. The main characters of the slot are the two boxers in the ring, waiting to punch each other out.

Fisticuffs Touch has bonus features that include the boxing feature as well as wilds and stacked wilds:
Boxing Feature: In the boxing feature, you have the two boxer symbols on the reels that have to be lined up a certain way so that they can punch each other out. This happens when they are diagonal to each other or if they are side by side with each other on the reels. If they are diagonal to each other, wherever their punch lands, turns the symbols around into wild symbols. Obviously this means that you can make a winning payline and get some excellent cash rewards. If the symbols are side by side on the reels, you can win a respin.
Wilds and stacked wilds: The wild symbols in the game are the two boxers themselves and these can be used to substitute for other symbols outside of the game’s boxing feature. In case you manage to trigger the boxing feature during a respin, you can get stacked wilds on reels 1 and 5.

Why play Fisticuffs Touch?

Fisticuffs Touch is a nice casual slot game that has a lot of interesting moments with the cartoon like theme of the game. The boxers are especially amusing to look at, and the respins, wilds, stacked wilds and the boxing features do provide you with sufficient chances to make some more cash. All in all, it’s a great game to play, even if you do not have any respins to enjoy with the game. Try this game out the next time you want to just relax with a funny game and don’t mind waiting for the cash to come through.

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