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What are the real casino games? Are they better than online casino games?

There are quite a few differences of playing between real casino games or land based casinos and playing in an online casino website or an Android mobile phone.

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Merits and demerits In Real Casino:

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Obviously, every side has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are benefits and drawbacks for the players belonging to both the categories. The choice of playing in a land based casino or an online casino gaming website or Android application based gaming software is completely a subjective thing, and thus may vary from person to person and individual to individual.

A Brief Comparison Among Gaming Softwares:

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Let us take a brief look into this comparison In Real Casino Games.
a) Since its inception in 1996, the online casinos have been growing at a staggering and a phenomenal rate every year.
b) This also resulted into the growth of the international gaming industry and the international legal gambling industry.
c) A rough and approximate estimate from some verified sources mete out a stunning income of around 700 million $ every year for thousands of online casinos in the US. Therefore the average per day income of these websites is around 1.9 million $!!
The swift surge in the number of Internet users and also the explosion of the gaming fraternity can also be counted as responsible for this income. With the Best Online Casino on the Internet, the casino games which were once restricted to rich and wealthy countries, have now reached poor and mediocre countries. Also non-English-speaking countries too, have started playing online casino games.

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Most of these Real Casino Games have gained popularity among people from non English speaking countries as these games have been translated into various languages like Arabic, Chinese, Latin, Hindi, Marathi, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Turkish, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Dutch, Greek and German. Also, these online gaming sites have been translated into languages like Danish, Czech, and Hebrew.

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Online Casino Supports Many Languages

Unlike a real land based casino, these online virtual casinos offer multiple language support. And they also accept multiple currencies. This allows two or more people to play together from different parts of the world, despite having different currencies.
For example, a person from Germany can purchase the credit in Euro while an American co-player or rival player can buy the credit for American dollars! This removes the hurdle of converting your currency into the required currency for betting in real casino games every time you make a bet.