Aloha Hawaii! خير, who doesn’t like Hawaii? Warm tropical beaches with coconut palms lining them, Sunshine all throughout the year and not to mention the lip smacking cuisine. جيڪي اڳ ۾ جو دورو ڪيو آهي جپان واپس وڃڻ چاهيو ٿا ٿين ۽ جيڪي نه ڪيو آهي ضرور ان کي هڪ دفعو جو دورو ڪرڻ چاهي ٿي ويندو. ۽ هتي توهان جي سڀني لاء هڪ راند اچي سڀ جپان تائين وڃڻ لاء ڪراچي. Aloha NetEnt فورم مان موبائل ۽ آن لائن وزارت فورم صنف کي جديد کان سواء آهي. هيء وزارت، جڏهن ته پنهنجي گهر ۾ ويٺي جپان ۾ ناچ گھر جي هڪ ۾ رهي جي آمهون سامهون اوھان کي ڏئي.

هن وزارت جي ڪجهه وڏن چٽ ته واقعي جپان جو سواد ٻاهر آڻي ڇڏيو آهي. The graphics do not look like they were created for a slot game but rather feel like a video game you would play on a Playstation or Xbox. But this is not surprising for a slot from NetEnt and is an ode to their amazing graphics team. The symbols look bright, colourful and really vivid. The music too adds that extra zing to make this game a one cool slot.

It’s time to PartyHawaiian style!!

Aloha has a unique and original gameplay. This is something that NetEnt have not tried before. نه ڪو امتيازي reels ۽ شاندار وزارت جي راندين وانگر paylines آهن پر توهان جي بدران ڇا حاصل آھي. 5 صفون ٻڌي ۽ 6 شاخن.

سڀ هڪ ڪندا اٿس ماڻي ڪرڻ جو هڪ غاليچا پيدا ڪرڻ آهي 9 يا پيسن ۾ به ساڳئي نشان جي وڌيڪ. هاڻي هر علامت اوھان کي مختلف موٽڻ ڏئي ٿو. ۽ پڻ پنهنجي جيت چئي ته غاليچا جي چئي. ڇا هي ٿو ته رانديگر ۾ لڳ ڀڳ uncountable طريقن سان ماڻي ڪرڻ جو موقعو اٿس ته آهي.

هن جيت جو ايف آئي ڪندا ۽ وڌ ۾ وڌ spins هڪ هڪ ورتي کان سواء وڃڻ سگهي آس پاس آهي 10. Although the wins are not really that big in this game, the frequency of the wins should keep players interested for a long time.

Aloha is a low risk slot with a player return of around 96.5%. This makes this game almost virtually risk free.

به, there are no wilds in Aloha. But rather you get a ‘?’ symbol. What this symbol does is it replaces the symbol that has the best chance of creating a winning cluster. This is a great feature that may come in quite handy while chasing big wins.

Final Verdict

A yes or a no? Aloha is a definite yes. This is one of the most refreshing slots to have released in the past few months. It has everything going for it to me it a successful slot in the coming months. پوء, definitely try this one. You’ll have no regrets.