Royal Roulette

As a competitor to the big players like Microgaming, iGaming2Go takes its Royal Roulette very seriously. The realistic graphics, user interface and the accompanying sound effects will give a real casino effect. Easily downloaded and playable on all the latest mobiles and Tablets, you will experience the same original features as seen in the online versions. At Top Slot site you’ll also enjoy a no deposit casino bonus.

Playing Royal رولي

Royal Roulette is a dicey game of chance and luck, which you will need in large amounts. It follows the rules of the European Roulette in all aspects.

Playing this game is just a matter of betting, on whether the ball will land on your chosen number or colour. Following the same game rules as in the PC version, you can increase your winning chances by making either the Inside Bets or the Outside Bets.

You can increase your chances of winning by placing the Neighbour bets or Call bets. Neighbour Bets lets you select a number and make a straight bet on it along with its adjacent numbers up to a total of 9 انگ (چار يا پاسي تي). The Call bets allow you to place a bet on a section of the roulette wheel.

Inside bets are available for a single number or any of the below possible combinations

  • Bet on one numberStraight Bet with 35:1 ريفرل

  • ڀرسان نمبر تي هجي – Split Bet with 17:1 ريفرل

  • تي شرط لڳي 3 هڪ قطار ۾ نمبر – Street Bet with 11:1 ريفرل

  • Bet on a block of 4 انگ – Corner Bet with 8:1 ريفرل

  • تي شرط لڳي 6 جو انگ 2 ڀرسان صفون – Line Bet with 5:1 ريفرل

Outside bets are those where you place your money on any of the areas outside the grid.

  • تي شرط لڳي 1 جو 3 شاخن – Column Bet with 2:1 ريفرل

  • تي شرط لڳي 12 تيز جو انگ, گهٽ يا وچين بلاڪ – Dozen Bet with 2:1 ريفرل

  • تي شرط لڳي 18 انگ (به, جوڙ, ڪارو يا ڳاڙهي) – Even Money Bet with 1:1 ريفرل

Royal Roulette looks and feels rich with its amazing graphics, clear cut interfaces, making it perfect for the mobile users. A single spin of the Roulette wheel will change your life. Play this to chancy game to make it a truly exhilarating experience while on the move.