francúzska ruleta

Roulette has been popular all over Europe and America. The variation is the number of betting areas available for the players. American Roulette has an extra ‘00’ number in addition to the regular ‘0’ and numbers from 1 na 36.

French Roulette has the same game play as European Roulette. The only difference being the table layout showing the different areas for betting. All the bets are labelled in French making it slightly cumbersome for the foreigners. The online version provides translation making it easier.

Betting Rules of French Roulettes

It features the various online help for tracking your bets and history. All the betting rules are similar with players placing Inside Bets on a single number or a group of numbers. The most common bet is the Straight bet (bet on a single number, 35:1 výplata), Split bet (bet on 2 adjacent numbers, 17:1 výplata), Street bet (bet on 3 Čísla v rade, 11:1 výplata), Corner bet (bet on a block of 4 čísla, 8:1 výplata), Five Number Bet ( Stavte na 5 čísla (0, 00, 1, 2, 3), 6:1 výplata) and Line Bet (Stavte na 6 počty 2 susedné riadky, 5:1 výplata)

Outside bets are comprised of Column Bet (Stavte na 1 z 3 stĺpce, 2:1 výplata), Dozen Bet (Stavte na 12 počty vysoko, s nízkymi alebo strednými blok, 2:1 výplata) and Even Money Bet (Stavte na 18 čísla (dokonca, zvláštny, čierna alebo červená), 1:1 výplata).

Another distinct change is the introduction of the Racetrack Betting Area. This can be used to place bets on various sectors of the roulette wheel. The 3 bet areas are:

Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero) – covers 17 number between 22 a 25 inclusive on the wheel.

Tiers du Cylindre (thirds of the wheel) – covers 12 numbers between 27 a 33 inclusive on the wheel.

Orphelins (orphans)covers the remaining 8 numbers not covered by the two call bets above.

The French name, its corresponding English name and payouts are as below:

• Pair – Even – 1:1
• Impair – Odd – 1:1
• Manque – Low (1-18) -1:1
• Passe – High (19-36) - 1:1
• P-12 – 1st Dozen (1-12) – 2:1
• M-12 – 2nd Dozen (13-24) - 2:1
• D-12 – 3rd Dozen (25-36) – 2:1

Microgaming’s French Roulette has made online gaming very realistic and interactive. Lively and appropriate sound effects up the entertainment level of this casino game. Establish your French connection playing this online game.