Bunny Boiler Gold

Played on the Microgaming Gold series which support increased software capabilities, Bunny Boiler Gold is an upgraded version of the earlier Bunny Boiler scratch card game. It has almost the same features with similar layout. The difference being the amount of jackpot prize that lands into the bunny’s kitty.


Bunny Boiler Gold has the same cute and funny bunny skipping along merrily across the screen. Make him travel in the underground maze by moving the required spaces as indicated by the rolled dice. Only 6 rolls of the die are available for you to win the jackpot prize of 10,000 coins when bet max.
Start a new game by placing a minimum bet of 0.05 to max of 10.0 and press the New Game button. You cannot change bets until all six rolls are finished. Rolling the dice moves the bunny across the spaces.

Landing on a carrot continues the bunny’s journey to the jackpot. If it changes into a Golden Carrot then the bunny is directly transported to the Jackpot screen. Any of the 10 jackpot prizes can be won by stepping on the Jackpot spaces.

The other symbols to take note of are the Jump spaces which takes you to the next space of the same colour. The Death symbol, well it spells the end of the bunny’s journey. Electrocuted or bombed or buried underground, avoid these spaces like death (no pun intended). Collect the multipliers on the way to add to the total wins.

Min / max satsning per snurr (£ / $ / €): 0.50 to 10.0

Jackpots (£ / $ / €): up to 1000 coins for max bet

Stänga tankar

Bunny Boiler Gold has a simple, easy layout that’s pleasing and visually appealing. Bonus jackpot that is big enough for repeated playing. Enable the turbo option to actually watch the bunny hop the spaces or not. It’s an interesting and well designed Microgaming board game for a fun filled time.