Dr Love On Vacation Scratch Card

Under the warm and sunny beaches, the setting is perfect for the Doctor Love On Vacation scratch card to unfold. Understandably, the hard working (it’s more likely hardly working) Doctor Love is taking a paid vacation to the beaches.

Taking up the popular Doctor Love On Vacation slot game, and turning it into a scratch card is a move from the NextGen Gaming, that will catapult it into the big league.

Dr Love On Vacation Scratch Card Game Features

Fully prepared, Dr Love On Vacation Scratch Card, is ready to make his move on the hot nurse accompanying him. Raising the temperature further is the 1000x payout that is guaranteed, in this scratch card game from the NextGen Gaming. All it takes is to match 3 similar cards of the good Doctor on the screen.

The other card symbols which will make your bankroll increase are the Bikini Clad Nurse, Surfboards, Air Ambulances, Stuffed suitcases, Squishy Turtles and get well soon flower garlands. There is a special betting range for getting an appointment with the Dr Love On Vacation Scratch Card. It is from 0.01 to 2.0 for a single game. You get a payout ranging from 1:1 to a 100:1 for matching 3 of the same cards.

Once done, you have to select Play or the Reveal All button to begin the game.

Min / Max Bet (£/$/€):    0.01 to 2.0

Jackpots (£ / $ / €): 1000:1 payout

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The Doctor Love On Vacation scratch card game is a sequel to the earlier Doctor Love game. Following the same footsteps, it’s the fun factor that will keep the players coming back to this game. This new games category will make a big splash in the casino games world.