Scratch Big Foot

Put your luck to the ultimate test and Scratch Big Foot cards

There might be a number of ways to test your luck but playing gambling games are a totally different matter. Not only do you get the thrill and suspense of aiming to get something big, you also get a ton of rewards if you get things right and luck is in your side. One way to win big is to Scratch Big Foot cards and in addition to the big wins you also get some really great gameplay and gaming experience. The game is based upon the legendary myth of the big foot in camping grounds. But contrary to being frightful and spooky, the game is pretty fun and relaxing to play.

Game specifications

The Big Foot scratch card game is a 3×3 setup of scratch cards. To win the game you need to get 3 matching symbols as you Scratch Big Foot cards. The game has some really great returns but rather than having fixed values, the game offers several times your stake in return and hence the returns depend on what you bet. The game is suitable for all kinds of players and the budget for playing a game is pretty flexible. You can Scratch Big Foot cards between 20p and £ 200 and hence the game can be played by all sorts of players from casual fun seeking players to rich returns expecting high rollers.


Once you actually start to scratch Big Foot cards you will find that the game has some really great gameplay enhancing features like the autoplay, max bet and reveal all options. The autoplay option lets you set the stake in the beginning and play the game continuously between 5 to 25 times. The max bet option helps you set the stakes at the maximum value at the click of a button and the reveal all option lets you see what all cards have in store for you at once.

The returns given in the game are based on the game paytable. The highest stake return is a whopping 1000x and you get this for the 3 symbol combination of Big Foot. Other symbols like the foot print and signpost offer returns from 100x to 1x.


The Big Foot scratch game is a fun mobile phone scratch card game and has explored a pretty good concept. While the slot version of the game has some interesting twists and spins, the scratch card version is kept simple and straightforward. With an RTP of 90.86% the game offers one of the highest RTPs in scratch card games.