Scratch Irish Eyes

‘Scratch Irish Eyes’ reveals pots of gold and riches waiting to be yours!

The warmth, beauty and eccentric nature of ancient Irish landscapes, chic women and hidden treasures is captured perfectly in this scratch card that beats all luck based games hands down. The theme perfectly portrays the fascinating Ireland beauty with symbols like Leprechaun’s hat, a red haired Irish maiden, gold pots and scenic wilderness.

How to Play Scratch Irish Eyes

Typically designed Scratch Irish Eyes has 9 squares that hold the secret to riches waiting to grabbed by the players. All the players have to do is scratch the squares, not literally. You just have to click them to see them leaf over and show you one of those glittering and beautiful Irish symbols. As long as you have 3 symbols that match each other in a single turn, you are sure to win!

How do you get started? First know all the buttons on the screen and the rules behind them. You have to begin by placing a bet that can range from 20p to a huge £200. You can begin slow to see if lady luck is by your side. But if you see huge wins coming your way, go high on your stakes. After all, there is 1000x waiting to be won!

Once you have placed your money on bet, you need to click on play button and start unfolding the squares. You can do them manually by clicking on each and every square or you can go for a ‘one click reveal all’. It is an automatic button to the right that lets you unhide all squares of Scratch Irish Eyes in one go!

How much you take home on every win depends on their paytable which lists the multiples for every symbol and bet. Keep your eyes on the big 1000x and leave the rest to your luck. If you are really lucky, you can win more than one prize with every scratch card.

Sometimes the game gets extremely addictive and you want to spend your time counting your wealth instead of playing the game manually. In such cases, you can use the auto play and auto stop button to let the Scratch Irish Eyes game play itself for a fixed number of turns.

The Verdict:

The Scratch Irish Eyes game is designed to give a theoretical payout of 85.6%. As long as you play it right you are going to take home 1000x which is a definite motivator. The Irish beauty that lies in the backdrop is a bonus, making this interesting themed scratch card game even more fascinating.