Classic Blackjack Gold MH

Beat the house in its own game. Not one or two but with five chances with the Classic Blackjack Gold MH series. As part of the Gold series from Microgaming, you can expect all the brisk gameplay, excellent animations and sound.

The Classic Blackjack MH game follows the same basic rules of the European version. Дифференцирующим фактор булып тора, ягъни ул уйнадым белән 5 стандартные колоды 52 карта урынына 2 палубы. Even though it gives a distinct house edge, the player has the luxury of betting up to 5 hands for a single deal. The Dealer has still one hand to play. It means better chances of winning.
Exquisite in details and workmanship, Classic Blackjack Gold MH has the stamp of Microgaming all over it. The player is presented realistic graphics, audio and video effects that’s as real as possible. Fast paced packed with features, this will let you experience the real casino affect right in your homes.

Allowing players total control over the game, you can experiment with the different coin bets available. Starting from 1 кредит кадәр 200, you can make a bet, re-bet or clear accordingly. Белән 5 hands available per game try out different strategies with minimal bets to have a winning chance.

Play Classic Blackjack Gold MH for the real action and excitement. Effectively playing five games instead of one, catch all the fun and wins right here.

Бигрәк Тә Уеннар

• Blackjack Payout: 3:2
• Insurance: түли 2:1
• Number of decks: 5, 52 карта
• Hole Card: Юк,
• Multi Hand: Әйе
• Credit Chip bet range – 1 өчен 200
• Dealer Stands on 17: Әйе
• Surrender: Юк,
• Double Down: Гына твердую кыйммәте 9, 10, 11
• Split: Әйе
• Re-split: Юк,
• Split Aces: Әйе
• Autoplay: Әйе